In spite of the intensity of his own anguish, Hodder was conscious of a curious detachment; and for months afterward particular smells, the sight of a gasoline stove, a certain popular tune gave him a sharp twinge of pain.

And let me see whether she will wheedle me as finely as Mrs. Petito would. Don't get ready your marriage settlements, do you hear, till you have seen my will, which I shall sign at what's the name of your place? Write it down there; there's pen and ink; and leave me, for the twinge is coming, and I shall roar. 'Will you permit me, sir, to leave my own servant with you to take care of you?

H’m, h’m!” growled Rakitin, laughing, “she murders your brother Mitya and then tells him to remember it all his life! What ferocity!” Alyosha made no reply, he seemed not to have heard. He walked fast beside Rakitin as though in a terrible hurry. He was lost in thought and moved mechanically. Rakitin felt a sudden twinge as though he had been touched on an open wound.

"That I should ever have wished to harm him!" she thought, with a twinge of remorse. After a half-hour of grand sport, the setting sun reminded them that it was time to return. "How do you feel now?" he asked. "My face must be your answer," she said, turning to him features glowing with exercise and happiness. "A beautiful answer," he said impulsively.

"But, papa," said Marianne, with a twinge of that exacting sensitiveness by which the child is characterized, "I think I am an economist, thanks to you and mamma, so far as knowing just what my income is, and keeping within it; but that does not satisfy me, and it seems that isn't all of economy; the question that haunts me is, Might I not make my little all do more and better than I do?"

Nevertheless, he fancied the twinge a little less poignant than those of yesterday; and, moreover, after stinging him pretty smartly, it passed gradually off with a thrill, which, in its latter stages, grew to be almost agreeable. Pain is but pleasure too strongly emphasized. The object which most helped to bring Dr.

When the slender, fair-haired Solonet, curled, perfumed, and booted like the leading gentleman at the Vaudeville, and dressed like a dandy whose most important business is a duel, entered Madame Evangelista's salon, preceding his brother notary, whose advance was delayed by a twinge of the gout, the two men presented to the life one of those famous caricatures entitled "Former Times and the Present Day," which had such eminent success under the Empire.

'Well, don't you ever get a twinge? she prevaricated. 'Toothache, dear? Mrs. Batty clucked her distress. 'I'll get some laudanum. You just rub it on the gum She rose. 'I have some in my medicine cupboard. I'll go and get it. She went out, and across her broad back she seemed to carry the legend, 'This is the consummation of tact.

Your brother's got all he wants, I reckon, an' I doan't begrudge him a twinge; but I hope theer ban't no more wheer that comed from, for his awn sake, 'cause if us met unfriendly again, t' other might go awver the bridge, an' break worse 'n his arm." "No, no, Blanchard, don't talk and think like that. Let the past go.

People who have had an arm or a leg amputated, he reflected, say they can still feel pains in the absent member. Well, there's an analogy in that. Modern skepticism has amputated God from the heart; but there is still a twinge where the arteries were sewn up.