Don't let her get any laudanum, or anything; and presently report to me. She must not be left alone, however; when I send Joliffe in, do you come to me." Madeline passed on to her own room, and Strong returned to her patient. When Joliffe went to her relief, Strong presented herself before Madeline, saying: "I can't think she is shamming, Miss Payne.

He was for ever making mistakes, however, much to his own sorrow, the darling man; and I had to watch him pretty closely, for more than once he has been on the point of giving mamma a glass of laudanum in mistake for a glass of port wine.

What! had you the heart to see the man bleed to death the man you had loved you, my little gentle Eve?" "Oh no, no; no blood!" said Eve, with a shudder. "Laudanum!" "Good God!" "Oh, I see your thought. No, I was not like the men in the newspapers, that kill the poor woman with a sure hand, and then give themselves a scratch. It was to be one spoonful for him, but two for me.

Peel agreed in this sentiment. I am sure it is the only wise course for any Government to pursue. Monday, May 11. The King has got the habit of taking large doses of laudanum. He sent for the Chancellor yesterday, as usual, at two o'clock. When he got to the palace the King had taken a large dose of laudanum and was asleep.

These tumours are most common in old setters, Newfoundlands, and hounds. Treatment'. The tumour, at its commencement, may be discussed by the application of astringent washes, as warm vinegar, water, and laudanum, or sugar of lead. When, however, it has become more extensive, the only remedy is opening it through its whole extent, and pressing out its purulent content.

"First I put nearly half an ounce of laudanum in old Purley's bitter beer, which made him think it so uncommon prime and bitter, that he drank the whole quart." "Good heaven! Munson, you have killed the man!" said Lyon, in dismay. "No, I have only doubled the dose I gave him before, which took no effect on him, so this will only put him to sleep for twelve hours or so. Lord, listen how he snores!

He had brought back with him from the East an arcanum, a secret remedy, and laudanum was its name. He boasted, says one of his enemies, that he could raise the dead to life with it; and so the event all but proved.

In the bag that hung from her belt was a vial of laudanum, renewed from time to time as she feared its strength was waning. She had been taught that it was wicked to take one's own life, and that God was always kind.

The whole appearance resembled those faces which the imagination summons up when it is disturbed by laudanum, but which do not remain under the visionary's command, and, beautiful in their first appearance, become wild and grotesque ere we can arrest them.

It was composed posed of laudanum, nitre, and other savoury drugs, which procured me sleep till now: have no headache; must eat breakfast, and away to court as fast as possible. Saturday Evening. Every thing almost stands still. I begin to despair of getting away. I am sure the whole of next week will not finish our business at the present rate.