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More than a pint of fluid has sometimes escaped from a middle-sized dog at the first puncture of the tumour. The mode of treatment is, to stimulate the part, in order to expedite the suppuration of the tumour, and to lance it freely and deeply, as soon as matter is evidently formed.

6. =Of the Chest.= Incised wounds of the walls are not of necessity dangerous; but severe blows, by causing fracture of the bones and internal injuries, are often fatal. The symptoms of penetrating wounds of the chest are The passage of blood and air through the wound; hæmoptysis; pneumothorax; and protrusion of the lung forming a tumour covered with pleura.

He, says Reynolds, in the tumour of his presumptuous loftiness, was the perfect example of Du Pile's rules, that bid painters so to draw their portraits that they seem to speak and say to us: "Stop, look at me! I am that invincible king: majesty surrounds me. Look! I am that valiant soldier: I struck terror everywhere. I am that great minister, etc."

It was to tell her that her brother Tom was dying, and to pray that she would be up in London as early on the Monday as was practicable. Mr Samuel Rubb, junior, who had written the letter in Gower Street, had known nothing of the Sabbatical edicts of the Stumfoldians. "It is an inward tumour," said Mr Rubb, "and has troubled him long, though he has said nothing about it.

The origin of the tumour from bone may be revealed by the presence of egg-shell crackling, and by examination with the X-rays. If the condition is believed to be innocent, the treatment is the same as for aneurysm preferably by ligation of the main artery; if malignant, it is the same as for sarcoma.

The visitor took a razor in his hand and cut out an internal inflamed tumour, flung it far away, blessed his patient, and disappeared, leaving no trace of his surgery in heart or flesh. Hugh told this story in his last illness to Adam, his chaplain, and added that though after this the flesh troubled him, its assaults were easy to scorn and to repress, though always obliging him to walk humbly.

When the cells of the tumour undergo colloid degeneration, a colloid cancer results; if the degeneration is complete, as may occur in the breast, the malignancy is thereby greatly diminished; if only partial, as is more common in rectal cancer, the malignancy is not appreciably affected.

His right hand had only one small tumour upon it, and no sore discovered itself in the corresponding axilla. In the year 1792 Stinchcomb was inoculated with variolous matter, but no consequences ensued beyond a little inflammation in the arm for a few days. A large party were inoculated at the same time, some of whom had the disease in a more violent degree than is commonly seen from inoculation.

"The symptoms are sallow complexion and bitter taste in the mouth with dryness; failure of the appetite, venereal and other, and rapid pulse; and the patient hath to fear high fever and delirium and eruptions and jaundice and tumour and ulcers of the bowels and excessive thirst." Q "What are the symptoms of black bile and what hath the patient to fear from it, an it get the mastery of the body?"

His wife had died, and he, who had loved her, had specialised on women's ailments. Paul told his name and his mother's. The doctor did not remember. "Number forty-six M.," said the nurse; and the doctor looked up the case in his book. "There is a big lump that may be a tumour," said Paul. "But Dr. Ansell was going to write you a letter."