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A vein lies behind the ear of all, the smallest puncture of which causes instant death. The food of moles chiefly consists of worms, and the larvæ, or grubs of insects, of which they eat enormous quantities. They are extremely voracious, and the slightest privation of food drives them to frenzy, or kills them.

It is cured sometimes by cutting the tip end of the tail, and letting the blood drip out; then opening a vein, giving the animal a warm drink and making a puncture in the forehead, from which a large quantity of matter runs out.

"He is up there," insisted the Mistress, "and he can't get back. I know him well enough to be, sure he'd have overtaken us, when we stopped all those times to fix the tires; if he had been left behind. And I know something else: When we started on, after that first puncture, we were about half a mile below the knoll. And as we went around the bend, there was a gap in the trees. I was looking back.

He paused and looked at her, and then all at once something in the utter childness of her beauty seemed to puncture his anger like an inflated tire, and render him helpless, uncertain, utterly fatuous. "Ardita," he said not unkindly, "I'm no fool. I've been round. I know men.

"I can make him the husband of the most-run-after girl in New York if I want to. And at the same time I can puncture the most arrogant, the most cold-blooded, selfish, purse-proud, inflated nincompoop that ever sat at the head of a director's table. O-ho! Now you're staring, Leila. I can do it; I can make good. What are you worrying about?

Here there is fresh water, and perhaps a few dates and sweet Manna for you to eat with it. It is the result of the puncture of an insect, and occurs chiefly in May. But keep the peace, you two quarrelsome fellows Huni and Nebsecht." Bent-Anat's journey to the Emerald-Hathor was long since ended.

Because of the size and extent of this sheath and the different manner in which it is opened, there is manifested dissimilar symptoms in different cases. A nail puncture which perforates the sheath in the pastern region and at the same time produces an infectious synovitis, will cause a markedly different manifestation than will a wound which freely opens the sheath above the fetlock.

He then fled to the mountains; but he could not hide himself from the vengeance of Landenberg. The peasant's aged father was arrested by order of the bailiff, and his eyes put out in punishment for his son's offense. "That puncture," says an old chronicler, "went so deep into many a heart that numbers resolved to die rather than leave it unrequited."

The conceited rascal wanted to puff himself up until he was bigger than the rest of you, and this is the result of his folly. Get the pump working, some of you, and blow him up again." "We will have to mend the puncture first, your Majesty," suggested one of the Loons, and the prisoners noticed that none of them seemed surprised or shocked at the sad accident to Panta.

A four-year-old bay mare having a wire-cut which opened the tarsus joint was treated as heretofore described. The wound was kept bandaged for about two weeks and later it was dressed without being bandaged. In ninety days she had completely recovered. Case 5. A twelve-year-old mare with an open fetlock joint due to a puncture wound.