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The deep snow was followed by the beginning of a thaw, interrupted by a sudden and very sharp cold spell, when the mercury went down to zero and the water from the melting snow turned to ice. Richmond was encased in a sheath of gleaming white.

"I don't want to hurt you, Tommy," he said in a low, tense voice, "so . . . well, just pick it up, that's a good fellow." "I'll no." "Then I shall kill you," Corliss went on, in the same calm, passionless way, at the same time drawing his hunting-knife from its sheath. "And if I dinna?" the Scotsman queried stoutly, though cowering away. Corliss pressed gently with the knife.

The effort being suddenly relaxed, the head and thorax fly up, and in consequence the base of the wing-cases strike the supporting surface with such force that the insect by the reaction is jerked upward, while the projecting points of the thorax and the sheath of the spine serve to steady the whole body.

Let us, moreover, exchange presents that it may be said among the Achaeans and Trojans, 'They fought with might and main, but were reconciled and parted in friendship." On this he gave Ajax a silver-studded sword with its sheath and leathern baldric, and in return Ajax gave him a girdle dyed with purple.

Plagiophrys. 96. Playtiptera polyarthra. 97. Polycoccus. 98. Pollen of pine. 99. Polyhedra tetraetzica. 100. " triangularis. 101. Polyphema. 102. Protococcus. 103. Radiophrys alba. 104. Raphidium duplex. 105. Rotifer ascus. 106. " vulgaris. 107. Silica. 108. Saprolegnia. 109. Scenedesmus acutus. 110. " obliquus. 111. " obtusum. 112. " quadricauda. 113. Sheath of tubelaria. 114.

Gris!" he muttered hoarsely, and loosened the long rapier in the shabby sheath at his side. For, with the closing of the door, he had become a Huguenot gentleman, over forty and a little grizzled perhaps, but modest and unassuming; wiry, alert, lightning-quick, with a wrist of steel and a heart of gold; and he was about to ascend the stairs of an unknown house at Blois in total darkness.

"In the second place, you might sell the knife to the Pope, if you happen to possess proof of its authenticity." "You mean the parchment. Of course I have it; do you think I would have bought one without the other?" "All right, then. In order to get possession of that knife, the Pope would, I have no doubt, make a cardinal of your son, but you must have the sheath too."

He was naked, with the exception of cloth drawers at the left side of which hung a large knife in a sheath, and he bore on his right shoulder a heavy iron sledge-hammer. This man was the executioner. He had, moreover, sandals bound on his feet by cords. Behind the executioner came, in the order in which they were to die, first Peppino and then Andrea. Each was accompanied by two priests.

But more learned sense unlocked you, loosed the sheath and let expand Bud to bell and out-spread flower-shape at the least warm touch of hand Maybe throb of heart, beneath which, quickening farther than it knew, Treasure oft was disembosomed, scent all strange and unguessed hue. Disembosomed, re-embosomed, must one memory suffice, Prove I knew an Alpine rose which all beside named Edelweiss?

Some moments after, the King made a sign to them; Valouse drew the sword from its sheath which he put under his arm, held the naked weapon by the middle of the blade, kissed the hilt, and presented it to the King, who, without uncovering himself, kissed the pommel, took the sword in both hands by the handle, held it upright some moments; then held it with one hand, but almost immediately with the other as well, and struck it three times upon each shoulder of my son, alternately, saying to him, "By Saint-George and Saint-Andrew I make you Chevalier."