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They wait. Aforetime a grand old Egoism built the House. It would appear that ever finer essences of it are demanded to sustain the structure; but especially would it appear that a reversion to the gross original, beneath a mask and in a vein of fineness, is an earthquake at the foundations of the House.

Even if it seemed an impossibility that even this "vein" could be mined, since she had no money to waste in an experiment so costly, still she realized, at last, what Pedro's will had been. Catching his hand between her own soft palms, she pressed it gratefully, and beamed upon him till he smiled again. "Whatever comes of it.

sit down' 'if it is ze same to you, I prefer to stand' 'good; zen I examine you. My motto: 'Time opens ze gates: my system: 'it is your doctor of regiment's system when your twelve, fifteen, forty recruits strip to him: 'Ah! you, my man, have varicose vein: no soldier in our regiment, you! So on. Perhaps I am not intelligible; but, hear zis.

But is it harder to get off than on?" "Of course it is, my dear chap," said Urquhart, quite in his old vein of good-tempered scorn. "We are going up on the north side, where the snow is as hard as a brick." "Ah," said James, "now I see. And we go down on the south, where it's as soft " "Where it may be as soft as a bran-mash. Or blown over into cornices." James saw, or said that he did.

His speech remains, one of the best ever delivered on the subject, not only full of weighty argument, but touched with a high and even tender vein of sentiment. This vote and speech of Lord George Bentinck no doubt mortified at the moment a considerable portion of his followers, and occasioned great dissatisfaction among a very respectable though limited section of them.

At the dinner the Captain made a neat speech referring to the pleasant relations during the voyage and the separation which was shortly to take place. The judge, in behalf of the passengers, responded in a jovial vein. "Three cheers for the Captain" were given with enthusiasm, followed by "He's a jolly good fellow," heartily sung.

Collins speaks, in his charming little volume on Cicero, of "quiet evasions" of the Cincian law, and tells us that we are taught by Cicero's letters not to trust Cicero's words when he was in a boasting vein. What has the one thing to do with the other? He names no quiet evasions. Mr. Collins makes a surmise, by which the character of Cicero for honesty is impugned without evidence.

Until that dreadful evening, the last time you called, you always left your pulpit punctilio behind you when you came here." "Colette!" he began in protest. But she perversely refused to fall in with his serious vein.

But when he saw that the statue remained speechless, he took up a stone and hurled it at its breast with such force that it burst a vein, which proved, indeed, the cure to his own malady; for some pieces of the statue falling off, he discovered a pot full of golden crown-pieces.

It looks much like the elevators found in city buildings. At different levels horizontal passages, called drifts, extend to the right and left upon the vein of copper ore. We step out of the car at one of these levels and with lighted candles start to walk through a portion of the mine. There are so many miles of tunnels that it would take us days to go through them all.

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