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His conduct was regarded with so much approbation by the allies, that he received from the Prussian king leave to add the Prussian eagle to his arms, and from the Stadtholder, his motto, "Je maintiendrai." From England he received the more substantial rewards of the peerage, by the title of Baron Malmesbury, and the appointment of ambassador.

His idea of friendship seemed to be like that of the friends in the sacred band of Thebes, whose motto was either to avenge their comrades on the field of battle or to die with them. He did not like a hypocritical morality, which he said too often resulted in the hypocritical sort.

The motto of modern Belgium, "L'Union fait la Force," was not yet invented, and there was no great and powerful authority in which they believed and about which they could gather. This history presents the picture of Ghent assisting an army of English soldiers to lay siege to Ypres.

From that instant I knew that this was my man, and this my mule, as certainly as if they had been tattooed with my family crest and truculent motto: "What I will, I take." "You've been a soldier, haven't you?" I asked the muleteer in French. He saluted as he replied that he had, and that for several years he had served a French general, as orderly.

Those gifted with a sense of humor laugh at the motto; the very serious frown at it and reprobate its apparent profanity, those who see no humor in anything regard it with gloom, the careless with assumed indifference, but in the minds of all, more or less latent or subconscious, there is a recognition that there is "an awful lot of truth in it."

Paul Jovius, a celebrated Italian historian and bishop, in his treatise on devices, says, that the figure or emblem, which he terms the body of the device, must be exactly fitted to the motto, which he terms its soul; and though it should not be so obscure as to require a sibyl to explain it, yet the motto ought to be in a foreign or dead language, so that it may not be comprehended by the vulgar 'such dainties not being intended for vulgar appetites. The human figure, also, should never be introduced into the emblem, and the motto ought not to contain more than three or four words.

'So that there is no choice for you, do you mean? The count set up a staggering affirmative, but knocked it over with its natural enemy as soon as his daughter had said, 'Not being for Italy, you must necessarily be against her: I admit that to be the position! 'No! he cried; 'no: there is no question of "for" or "against," as you are aware. "Italy, and not Revolution": that is my motto.

So we may as well anticipate the dear public, and enroll ourselves among the cranks." "All right," returned Denison, "'Sail on! as Joaquin Miller has Columbus say to the faint-hearted sailing master. 'The North Pole or bust! is my motto now." "That's right, that's right," grinned the Doctor, amused to see the enthusiasm he had aroused in his friend. "And now let's to business.

Not an ill-looking man by any manner of means, in spite of the violent antipathy for him which Miss Emily had managed to transmute out of her regard for Wallace. "Age before beauty!" is a motto somewhat popular, so the Colonel has had the preference.

Such a thing as perfect confidence, in the French sense of the word, between a parent and his or her grown-up child is most rare. 'Everyone for himself, and devil take the hindmost, is the motto of the young Australian. He cares for nobody, and nobody need care for him, so far as his thoughts on the subject are concerned.