By this he means, on the one hand, the "absolute idealism" which constructed systems entirely unconnected with science or experience systems whose Absolute had no direct relationship with man, or which made no appeal to anything of a similar nature to itself in the deeper experience of the soul; and, on the other hand, the degeneration of the neo-Kantian movement to a mere description of the relations of bodily and mental processes.

Furthermore, these schools of Hindu philosophy show us the conditions out of which Buddhism arose, furnish us with its terminology and technical phrases, reveal to us what the reformer proposed to himself to do, and, what is perhaps still more important, show us the types to which Buddhism in its degeneration and degradation reverted.

On the other hand, he believed that the second or slave-morality, where it became paramount, led to degeneration, because it was passive and defensive, wanting merely to keep those who practised it alive. Hence his earnest advocacy of noble-morality.

Sooner or later, however, the left ventricle will become weakened, especially when there is arteriosclerosis or other hypertension, and chronic endocarditis and fatty degeneration result. If the left ventricle becomes sufficiently weakened or dilated, the same damming back of the blood through the lungs and right heart occurs, and more or less serious signs of broken compensation develop.

Only once had an attempt ever been made to apply to questions of art the methods of science in Nordau's "Degeneration". But then Nordau's had been pseudo-science three-quarters impertinence and conceit. The world still waited to understand its art-products in the light of scientific Socialism. Such was the task which Thyrsis was planning.

If the girl loved her mother, and she really did, it was largely because her mother was so perfectly truthful. Cynical people called her helplessly honest, and said that her veracity would have amounted to a disease of the mind if she had possessed any; but that since she did not, it was probably a form of degeneration, because all perfectly healthy human beings lied naturally.

On reaching his side I found the above brewer dead upon the floor. Without much question he died of heart failure, from fatty degeneration caused by the steady use of beer. I never heard of his being intoxicated. Dr. W. B. Carpenter, who stands at the very head of the physiologists of our century, says:

The post-mortem examination showed that the cause of death was fatty degeneration of the heart, the latter probably having ceased its action through the mental excitement of the deceased." Thus far the notes of Freedom.

And as the list of so-called functional diseases that is to say, those diseases in which no definite, objective mark of degeneration or decay in any tissue or organ can be discovered are steadily and swiftly diminishing under the scrutiny of the microscope and the methods of the laboratory, so these purely imaginary diseases, these "depressed mental states," these "essential morbid tendencies," are also rapidly diminishing in number, as cases are more conscientiously and personally studied and worked out.

The anarchy which prevailed in Lombardy after Gian Galeazzo's death makes it difficult to do more than signalize a few of these usurpations. Corio, pp. 292 et seq., contain the details. In the despotic families of Italy, as already hinted, there was a progressive tendency to degeneration.