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While procuring it, exposure to the rain, which fell in torrents, brought on a return of inflammation in the stomach, and I was obliged to have recourse again to the lancet, and to use it with an unsparing hand. I wanted another ball, but was not in a state the next morning to proceed to the trees.

I say nothing about a dreadful form of inflammation of the mouth which ends in mortification, because it is of infinite rarity except among the destitute poor, and even among them it is very seldom seen except as a consequence of measles, or of some kind of fever.

Take of lye, rather weak, warm it and stir in of slippery elm bark or flaxseed, or meal sufficient to form a poultice. This is a most excellent poultice, and should be used more than it is. It is useful in inflammation of the breast and other parts, felons, wounds, fistula, &c. Take of laudanum 4 ozs., water 1 pint; mix.

Inflammation is set up, the injured parts die, and are melted down into the matter of an abscess. The abscess discharges itself, its walls contract, the opposite surfaces come into contact, and are welded together again, so that there is no loss of substance, nor anything save a scar on the surface to indicate what has happened.

I repeated the application of the caustic and again directed the part to be exposed and carefully protected from being disturbed. The breast required to be supported being full of milk. On the succeeding day an adherent eschar existed over all the ulcerated parts, and the pain, redness, and irritation had nearly subsided. On the fourth day there was still less pain and inflammation.

Well, then, remember if the child be feverish, if he have symptoms of a heavy cold, if he have an oppression of breathing, if he wheeze, and if he have a tight, dry, noisy cough, you may be satisfied that he has an attack of bronchitis. How can I distinguish between Bronchitis and Inflammation of the Lungs?

Has not their natural food sustained them well? An infant will have teeth before it wants animal food. But all these courses they have heard were strengthening, so they administer them to the strongest, till excess of stimulants produces inflammation, and the natural strength is wasted by disease.

Because of the peculiar manner in which the second and third metacarpal bones articulate in young animals, until the bones become ossified and permanently joined, the inflammation which attends the acute stage of this affection, causes lameness.

There was some sort of inflammation of the skin apparently" he consulted a page of his note-book "which might have been eczema or something similar, of course, but which according to medical evidence had no apparent connection with the cause of his death.

Pain of gall-stone distinguished from pain of the stomach. Gout of the stomach from torpor, from inflammation. Intermitting pulse owing to indigestion. To overdose of foxglove. Weak pulse from emetics. Death from a blow on the stomach. From gout of the stomach.

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