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How long have ye had it, John? Happen them as stole it sold it again." John hated telling a lie, but conceived it advisable to tell one now. "I've had this years an' years. My father gave it to me." "Well, if he gave it you so long ago as that it can't be the same, I suppose, but it's wonderful like it. I wonder wheer he got it.

Take 'em all round, the wimin's the bravest at bearin' pain, they'll smile while they'se burnin' so as it sha'n't ill-convenience anybody. Wonderful sufferers, is wimin!" "Yet they are selfish enough sometimes," said Helmsley, quickly. "Selfish? Wheer was ye born, D. David?" queried Peke "An' what wimin 'ave ye know'd? Town or country?" Helmsley was silent.

Wheer two hearts is bent on joining, 'tis join they will if both keeps of a mind long enough." "That's it, Damaris Blanchard; who's gwaine to b'lieve that a bwoy an' gal, like Will an' Phoebe, do knaw theer minds? Mark me, they'll both chaange sweethearts a score of times yet 'fore they come to mate." "Caan't speak for your darter, Lyddon; but I knaw my son.

The name is not an oncommon one. There's Mattie Kent? Tho. Nay; it's noan o' her. James. Then there's Mattie Winchfield? Tho. Nay; it's noan o' her. James. Then there's Mattie Pearson? Tho. Yigh, that's hoo! That's hoo! Wheer? Wheer? James. Well, it's too far for a man of your age to walk. But I'll call a cab, and we'll go comfortable. Tho. But aw connot affoord to peigh for a cab as yo co it.

I've told 'ee afore, I don't care wheer she comes nor wheer she goes, she bean't nothin' to me no more, nor I to she. If so be some man 'as a mind to ax 'er for 'isself, all open an' aboveboard, I say again let 'im. And now, let's talk o' summat else." "Willingly. There's to be boxing, and single-stick, and wrestling at the Fair, I understand." "Ay."

Look at thicky cat, breakin' her heart, poor twoad!" Mr. Bartlett was justly angry that Joan could dare to thus class his priceless red-headed twins with a litter of dead kittens, and he said more than was wise, ramming home a truth, and that coarsely. "Theer's plenty more wheer them comed from, I lay. Nachur's so free, you see tu free like sometimes.

The squire took a bundle of papers from an iron box and flourished them under Hennion s nose "There are assignments of every mortgage ye owe, ye old fox, and pay day 's coming." "Let it," sneered the owner of Boxely. "Yer think I did n't know, I s'pose? Waal, thet 's wheer yer aout.

An' 't is awnly your bigness of heart, as wouldn't hurt a beetle, makes you speak kind of the boozy auld sweep. I'll soon shaw un wheer he's out if he thinks you 'm tinkering arter him!" "He couldn't bring an action for breach, or anything o' that, could he?" "At his time of life! What Justice would give ear to un? An' the shame of it!" "Perhaps he misunderstood. You men jump so at a conclusion."

There was almost a joy in her mind that the long story of falsehood must end at last. She did not fear her father now and looked up into his face quite calmly as she approached the table. "These be mine," she said. "Was it you, faither, as took 'em from wheer they was?" "'Twas me, Joan," answered Mrs. Tregenza; "an' I judge the Lard led me." The girl stood erect and scornful.

These things she made him drink and eat, and she spoke to the old man while he did so, larding the discussion of necessary details with expressions of hope for the dead. "Be strong, an' faace it, uncle. God knaws best. I lay the poor lovey was took from gert evil to come. You knaw so well as me. You can guess wheer her'd be now if livin'. She'm in a better home than that.