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"I told you she'd be sore at me for taking you to the Ritz ball last night, and God knows it wasn't no pleasure in my life to go model-hunting with you, when I might have been joy-riding with my friend from Carson City." "It's just because she ain't herself yet. I'm off, Gert. Till seven in the Subway!" "Yes, till seven!" When Mr.

He'd lived in the days when we were at war with France and America, and when Princetown sprang up, and a gert war-prison was built there to cage all the chaps we got on our hands through winning such a lot o' sea battles. And Miser Brimpson was said to have made thousands by helping rich fellows to escape from the prison. Truth and falsehood mixed made up his story as 'twas handed down.

"No, let me." She fell to pushing it silently along. Stars came out in her eyes. He advanced to her pace, matching his stride to hers, fancies like colored beads slipping along the slender thread of his thoughts. "Swell sight, ain't it, Gert, the harbor lights so bright and the sky so deep?" Silence. "Seeing so much sky all at once reminds me, Gert.

The pies were particularly good. This was Patrick's third dinner at Deanie's. He was beginning to feel more at home in Woodstock. His landlady, Gert, had become more friendly. Patrick was willing to help with little things around the house, that probably had something to do with it. She was a reader, too, he'd discovered. They talked about books. The other day, he'd asked her what she was reading.

I felt like telling her we don't guarantee to fit tubs." "You got to handle Laidlaw right, Gert. There'll be two trousseaux and a ball in that family before June. The best way to lose a customer like Laidlaw is to sell her what she ought to wear instead of what she wants to wear." "Handle her right! I wore rubber gloves.

"And Ma yells up, 'What are you two layin' awake about?" Miss Garvey would recount, with tears of enjoyment in her eyes. "But we never said nothing, did we, Gert? Well, about twelve o'clock we heard Leo come in, and he come upstairs, and he let out a yell 'My God! he says "

Take Lipton; she won't even let her show her a gown; she's always calling for Dodo instead. Sometimes I think the trade takes exceptions to a girl like Gert, her all decked out in diamonds that show how how fly she must be." "Gertie Dobriner's the best in the business, just the same, madam.

I don't say I'm not without my obligations to you, but that's not one of them. No, sirree no apron-strings." "I know it isn't, Jimmie. You're the kind of a fellow wouldn't even talk to himself for fear of committing hisself." "I got a date here now any minute, Gert, and the sooner you " "You're the guy who passed up the Sixty-first for the Safety First regiment."

They considered it to be their lawful heritage out of which they had been jockeyed, and in October, 1899, they seemed to have a chance of recovering it. They boasted that they would not only win back Pietermaritzburg, which was named after two leaders of the Great Trek, Pieter Retief and Gert Maritz, but that they would establish themselves on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

"Tell me about Maliwe," he said. "Maliwe," replied Jim, "is the shepherd of Gert Botha, whose farm is near the Gangili Hill, where the two rivers join." Kalaza pondered for a few seconds, and then asked: "But what makes you think he steals?" "Well, you know what a Kafir is. Maliwe lives alongside the sheep, in a hut on the mountain all alone. The kraal is far from the homestead.