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The little emaciated creature, flushed with the pleasure of his father's company, played contentedly in the intervals of coughing with the shining chestnuts, or ate his slice of the fine pear the gift of a friend in Thame which proved to be the "summat else" of promise.

'You, Milsom! cried Robert; 'and you've just all but lost your grandchild! And you know your wife'll never be the same woman since that bout of fever in the spring. And His quick eyes ran over the old man's broken frame with a world of indignant meaning in them. 'Ay, ay, sir, said Milsom, unmoved. 'But if it isn't fevers, it's summat else.

How could he go for to think he'd not be welcome! Ye'll write and an' tell him he'll be welcome, sir, wunnot ye?" He nodded. "Eh, I'd be fain to see him, I would that! Ye'll tell him kind an' careful, mester, about me havin' to shift here, an' dunnot let him think I'm axing him to do mich for me." "It's time for him to do summat for ye, though," said Will's friend gruffly.

He might ha' picked up summat handy when Foxey hit him and smashed him, but oi don't believe it of Maister Ned as he would ha done it arterward." "He war a downright bad 'un war Foxey," Luke said, "vor sure.

So a were puzzled-like; an' at length a says, "Thou mun ask t' parson that; a'm but a poor faint-hearted widow-woman; but a've allays had God's blessing somehow, now a bethink me, an' a'll share it wi' thee as far as my will goes." So he raxes his hand across t' table, an' mutters summat, as he grips mine.

Drumlow poor old gentleman, I was fond on him, though he'd got a bit confused in his head, what wi' age and wi' taking a drop o' summat warm when the service come of a cold morning. And young Mr. Lammeter, he'd have no way but he must be married in Janiwary, which, to be sure, 's a unreasonable time to be married in, for it isn't like a christening or a burying, as you can't help; and so Mr.

'Now I've found this out, said Paul to himself, 'I shall never be lonely any more. There'll always be summat to think about summat with a relish in it. He must needs, of course, try to get the relish on paper, and he wrote a great deal of boyish stuff in flagrant imitation of Dickens, and hid it, jackdaw-like, in such places as he could find.

"It is the English the working-classes speak in Lancashire. 'Summat' means 'something. 'Whoam' means 'home. But I should think you would be very clever at understanding things." "I'm scared stiff," said Tembarom, not in the least uncourageously; "but I want to go into a cottage and hear some of it. Which one shall we go into?"

"Come, we'll have a bit of summat to eat, my doggie," said the sailor, reaching forward his hand to the provision bundle. Thoroughly understanding and appreciating this remark, Cuffy roused himself and looked on with profound interest, while his master cut up a dried fish.

"He nivver were an artistic drunkard, weren't Bobbie." "He's been ram'lin' and ram'lin' all the way home," continued Reuben. "He's telt ower and ower agen of summat 'at were fifty yards north of the bridge." "We must take him home," said Liza, who came hurrying from the house with a blanket over her arm. "Here, cover him with this, Rotha can spare it."

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