"I beg your pardon?" returned Stoddard in that civil, colourless interrogation which should always check over-familiar speech, even from the dullest. But Conroy was not sensitive. "That big red-headed girl, you know," he said, leaning close and speaking in a confidential tone. "I mistook her for a lady.

Condy turned about in his place with great deliberation, fixed the picture with a judicial eye, and announced decisively: "That? why, that's a BARKENTINE." Condy had no need to wait for Blix's report. The demonstration came far too quickly for that. The red-headed man at his loud declaration merely glanced in the direction of the chromo and returned to his enchellados.

My friend, Emilia, was "blue cloud;" my little Donald, "frozen face;" young C , "the red-headed woodpecker," from the colour of his hair; my brother, Chippewa, and "the bald-headed eagle." He was an especial favourite among them. The Indians are often made a prey of and cheated by the unprincipled settlers, who think it no crime to overreach a red-skin.

The red-headed woodpecker heard them at play, and she clambered out of the hollow maple and dodged hither and thither as if she, too, shared their merriment. Yes, and the yellow thistle-bird, whose nest was in the blooming lilac-bush, came and perched in the pear-tree and sang a little song about the dear little eggs in her cunning home.

At times he nearly fell backwards, when the meat gave way; at times he bolted, and gulped, and choked horribly; at times he was nearly standing upon his head, and at other times upon his tail; and, in case the others should find the woolly outside, where they alone could feed, too easy, he was continually breaking off, to rush a red-headed demon from hell now at the raven, or glare at the crows and remove them yards, as if his eyes could kill.

I moved around and looked toward Jakie's grave, then returned to the side of the tree-trunk which had escaped the ravages of fire, and ran my finger up and down, feeling the holes which the red-headed woodpecker had bored and filled with acorns. A flutter in the air aroused me. It was the old white-faced owl leaving the hollow in the live oak for the night's hunt.

"No, boy, whatever you do in this world, don't drift around, but row as though you were going after the doctor," and the old man turned from the window and put his arm around the red-headed boy, and hugged him until he heard something rattle in the boy's side pocket, and the boy pulled out a box with the cover off, and a white powder scattered over his clothes.

He had suspected Lydia as guilty of the crime; he had credited Ferruci with its commission, and he had been certain of the guilt of Clyne, alias Wrent; but to discover that the red-headed servant was the culprit entirely bewildered him. She had no motive to kill the man; she had given evidence freely in the matter, and in all respects had acted as an innocent person.

"There he is," said Roger, as the visiting team came trotting onto the field, led by Lee Sanger, its pitcher and captain, "that stocky, red-headed chap. See him?" "My!" grinned Cooper. "He's a bird. Looks like he could eat hardware without getting indigestion." The Barville crowd gave their players a rousing cheer, although they did not yet venture to blow the horns or jangle the cowbells.

Long before John became a general or had his revenge on the Baltimore girl, she married a farmer and was the mother of children, red-headed; and when John saw her years after, she looked tired and discouraged, as one who has carried into womanhood none of the romance of her youth. Fishing and dreaming, I think, were the best amusements John had.