The Maggid poured himself out a glass of rum, under cover of the laughter, and murmuring "Life to you." in Hebrew, gulped it down, and added, "They oughtn't to call it the Dutch tongue, but the Dutch nose." "Yes, I always wonder how they can understand one another," said Mrs. Belcovitch, "with their chatuchayacatigewesepoopa."

And for their young wives who had tidings to whisper to her about the unborn she had the pretty idea that they should live with beautiful thoughts, so that these might become part of the child. When Gavinia told this to Corp, he gulped and said, "I wonder God could hae haen the heart."

And, as he did so, a voice behind him cried: "Bing!" Ramsden's driver wabbled at the last moment. The ball flopped weakly among the trees on the right of the course. Ramsden turned to perceive, standing close beside him, a small fat boy in a sailor suit. There was a pause. "Rotten!" said the boy austerely. Ramsden gulped. And then suddenly he saw that the boy was not alone.

He looked into it, and, finding it quite dry, he rushed down to the spring as if he were running for a wager, filled it to the brim and brought it to the lips of the sick man, who gulped the grateful drink down with deep draughts, and at last exclaimed with a sigh of relief; "That is better; why were you so long away? I was so thirsty!"

Everything swam before my eyes, and I was soon reduced to walking up and down the laboratory floor with halting steps, only preventing falling on the floor by holding fast to the edge of the table. "I thought of the tank of oxygen, and managed to crawl over and turn it on. I gulped at it. It seemed to me that I spent hours gasping for breath.

I'm not going to touch that kid's wad, and you ain't either. I'm a friend of his'n, after what happened to-day. Put that in your pipe, Brad, and smoke it." Braddock gulped painfully. "See here, Dick, don't be a fool. We can clean up a " "You'd take the pennies off a dead nigger's eyes," interrupted the pickpocket scathingly.

And while we were thus stricken and lonesome and desolate, your quiver was full and running over. I do not mind saying now, that I envied you, as I distributed the squibs, rockets, and other pyrotechnical fodder which I had brought in my pocket for your flock. I gulped it all down, however, with a pretty good grace, and went to my dinner like a philosopher.

She stared at him with an ashen face and gulped twice before she could speak. "You are mad, Mr. Holmes you are mad!" she cried, at last. He drew a small piece of cardboard from his pocket. It was the face of a woman cut out of a portrait. "I have carried this because I thought it might be useful," said he. "The policeman has recognized it." She gave a gasp, and her head dropped back in the chair.

Marrapit frantically reached for the barley water; feverishly gulped. "I shall have a stroke," he cried. "My hour is at hand." My poor George flung himself on a note of appeal. "Oh, I say, uncle, don't go on like that! You don't know what this means to me." "I do not seek to know. I am too fully occupied with its consequences to myself; it means a stroke. I feel it coming. My tomb yawns."

With my whole soul I wish to be what you would have me be, but I have never had help from anyone.... But it is I, above all, who am to blame for everything. Help me, teach me, and perhaps I may..." Pierre could not go on. He gulped and turned away. The Mason remained silent for a long time, evidently considering.