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Likewise this impromptu on the spur of the moment " "I think it's beautiful," said Robbie. She was watching Berta's eyes as the last lingering strains died away. Oh, dear! why did they sing that good-bye serenade again? Berta was going to cry. Hark! A robin's twilight call rose melodiously from the heart of a shadowy spruce. In the thrill of it Robbie felt the sting of sudden tears.

They never dreamt that we saw through them like glass. Babington was himself with Mr. Secretary only last week, offering to go to France on business for him the traitor! Hark! there are more sounds of horse hoofs. Who comes now, I marvel!"

So, to my fond faith, poor Pip, in this strange sweetness of his lunacy, brings heavenly vouchers of all our heavenly homes. Where learned he that, but there? Hark! he speaks again; but more wildly now." "Form two and two! Let's make a General of him! Ho, where's his harpoon? Lay it across here. Rig-a-dig, dig, dig! huzza! Oh for a game cock now to sit upon his head and crow!

'To me! to me, too! David cried under his breath, carried away by the haunting imagination, and straining his eyes into the dusk. Had the night opened to his sight there and then in a vision of glory, he would have been no whit surprised. Hark! what was that sound? A weird scream rose on the wind. The startled congregation in the smithy scrambled to their feet.

No, no, child, I tell thee Louis knows how to choose his confidants, and what to charge them with; suiting, as they say, the burden to each man's back. He is not like the King of Castile, who choked with thirst, because the great butler was not beside to hand his cup. But hark to the bell of St. Martin's!

Another desiring a favour of him with a thousand impertinent and superfluous words "Hark you, friend," says Castruccio, "when you would have anything of me, for the future send another man to ask it." Something of his dream of dominion may be found in that saying of his when one asked him, seeing his ambition, how Caesar died, and he answered, "Would I might die like him!"

All we've got to do is to ride and deliver this despatch to the general in command. You all understand?" "Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Yes, sir!" "It's necessary you all should. Hark, now! We are not likely to strike the enemy in force, but we are likely to run up against small parties.

The senator Vitalba began to tremble for his thousand sequins, and the conspirators could not restrain their spiteful laughter, when Contarino gravely declared that he would gladly lose, not ONE thousand sequins, but twenty, if the loss of his wager through Abellino's being captured might but secure the general safety of the Republic. "Hark!" cried Rosabella, "the clock strikes five!"

The little ones were children of his father by a second wife; but he had seven brothers and sisters of his own. . . . Yes, their settlement stood by the other river; at no great distance. "If you'll hark, maybe you can hear the long saws at work. . . ." He led them to it, the small children bringing up the rear of the procession.

Had I a comb now and a razor, I might shave and curl my hair, and keep making a continual toilet all through the two days, and look spruce as a robin when I get out. I'll ask the Squire for the things this very night when he drops in. Hark! ain't that a sort of rumbling in the wall? I hope there ain't any oven next door; if so, I shall be scorched out. Here I am, just like a rat in the wainscot.