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"If your aunt for a moment thought that there were any insects in that dog, she would be ill." "But I'm sure that there are some in his coat, uncle," I said, "for if you watch him when he's lying on the hearth-rug to-night, every now and then he jumps up and snaps at them, and bites the place." "Shush! yes, my boy," he whispered; "but don't talk about it. Your aunt is so particular.

There are brass goods of all kinds, and copperware with a partial tin coating called washed tin." The conversation paused long enough for a few bites of lunch, then Bartouki resumed. "We try to take good care of tourists in the United Arab Republic, both in Egypt and in Syria. For example, we license our guide-interpreters, who are called dragomen.

He thrust out his mangled fore-foot, all dark with dried blood. There were cruel bites low down on his side, and his throat was torn and worried. "Eat," said Akela, rising up from the meat Mowgli had brought him, and the Outlier flung himself on it. "This shall be no loss," he said humbly, when he had taken off the first edge of his hunger.

The bare legs of the palankin bearers and coolies are a favourite resort; and, as their hands are too much engaged to be spared to pull them off, the leeches hang like bunches of grapes round their ankles; and I have seen the blood literally flowing over the ledge of a European's shoe from their innumerable bites.

The coloring of Coronella leopardinus would be the most likely to suggest a viper. The observations justify Luke entirely. We have here a snake so closely resembling a viper as to be taken for one by a good naturalist until he had caught and examined a specimen. It clings, and yet it also bites without doing harm.

Stumbling on, Umballa cried out in pain; but he did not ask for mercy. "Soor! Tell your master, Durga Ram, how bites this gun butt as I shall tell mine the pleasure it gives me to administer it. Swine! Ha, you stumble! Up with you!" Batter and bang!

Beebe wants you to keep 'em for the circus, and give the folks some of them?" Joel squirmed uncomfortably, taking large bites of the biggest animals he could pick out, but said nothing. David laid his pig down on the grass, and looked at it wistfully.

Their bites, moreover, were extremely painful, and when thus punctured from morning till night, only to undergo the same operation from day to day, and engaged the whole time in killing and slaying, some idea may be formed of the state both of my body and my mind.

"What is the good of my turning away when every bit of him bites into my consciousness?" she thought. The road stretched ahead of them like ciré satin with a piping of lights. She had changed her position a little, restless under the constraint of his eyes. A lamp lit her up for him, her face white and drawn, her eyelids pulled over her eyes like a heavy curtain.

And the government never punished these wicked souls!... There were no other remedies than the old, true and tried ones, the product of the experience of people who had lived years ago and thus knew much more. One of the neighbors went off to hunt up a certain witch, a miraculous doctor for dog-bites, serpent bites and scorpion-stings.

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