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'Blank enough' said Leonard; 'I didn't think I should have minded the sound of the surgery door so much. 'You will have Sunday to help you. 'Yes, Ave and I have been down to the churchyard; Ave does care, poor girl. She knows better what it is now, and she was glad to have me to talk to again, though Miss Mary has been so kind to her. 'Oh, nobody can be so much to her as you.

When all of this begins to grow upon your once blank canvas, and some lucky pat matches the exact tone of blue-gray haze or shimmer of leaf, or some accidental blending of color delights you with its truth, a tingling goes down your backbone, and a rush surges through your veins that stirs you as nothing else in your whole life will ever do.

"My parents, of course, and family get-togethers every couple of years. We weren't really close; the family was too big for that. Uncle Martin and Aunt Gisele alone had ten kids." Tarlac shook his head, grinning. "What a mob!" "Kids?" It seemed Hovan's vocabulary had a blank spot; Tarlac tried again. "Children. Younglings." "Ten . . . younglings?"

"Tell me where Calendar is," he retorted, inspired, "and I'll try to answer you!" But her eyes were blank. "You mean ?" "That Calendar was in this house when I came; that he left, found his daughter in the cab, and drove off with her. It's clear enough." "You are quite mistaken," she said thoughtfully. "George Calendar has not been here this night."

Middleton wrote in short-hand upon the blank side of each preceding sheet what the emir culled from the one following, omitting, of course, the contents of the first sheet, both because he had nothing to write upon while the emir was quoting from that one, and because its theology was entirely contrary to all Mr. Middleton held, and, in his eyes, ridiculous and sacrilegious.

Indeed, later on, when Handel brought out his "Messiah," it was met with so cold and blank a reception in London that the composer began to despair of the English public ever appreciating his greatest efforts. He made up his mind to try his "Messiah" in Ireland.

'Tis a hard test, and one that makes a blank at rest of many a face beautiful enough in action; but though this lady's face was to the full as changeful as any April sky, it was never less than triumphantly beautiful. I had said her eyes were blue, but now they were deep wells reflecting the soft gray of the clouded sky beyond the window-panes.

A few hours of meeting, a few spoken words, a few caresses, a few moments like this of mute understanding, out of all conscious time, and then nothing, the blank! There was something cowardly, thus to turn back at the edge of experience, incomplete and wistfully desirous. Yet the man would not ask her to venture on. What the woman would gladly give, he would not take as sacrifice. She understood.

He remained a picture of dejection. "Perhaps we ought to let them know," said Lilly. But Aaron, blank with stupid misery, sat huddled there on the bedside without answering. "Ill run round with a note," said Lilly. "I suppose others have had flu, besides you. Lie down!"

He did not recognize Harry in the least, and although he would answer questions that were asked him, his mind appeared a blank as to the past, and he often lay for hours without speaking a word. After leaving him Harry met Louise and the two girls at a spot agreed upon the day before, a fresh meeting-place being arranged each day.