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'I must heartily thank you for all your willingness and good affection to his Majesty's service, and particularly the sending alongs of your son, to who I will heave ane particular respect, hopeing also that you will still continue ane goode instrument for the advanceing ther of the King's service, for which, and all your former loyal carriages, be confident you shall find the effects of his Ma's favour, as they can be witnessed you by

David never had known such a feeling, and he was never to know it again so fully; but for the time he seemed to sit at the foot of God, satisfied. While he thus sate, a great wind sprang up outside and thundered in the rocks; fiercer and fiercer it blew, and soon there followed it the loud crying of the sea, as the great waters began to heave and rage.

The sea on every side was like a polished mirror; but every now and then it seemed to heave up as if a pulse beat beneath, and away towards the shore progressed at a slow pace not like a roller, but one swell rising at an interval after the first had fallen, and I could well fancy with what a roar it must be dashing on the rocky coast.

We must get the stuff ashore. It'll be dawn in a few minutes, and then we shall have the country on us." "Heave ahead, boys!" cried one of the men in the next lugger as she drove past us to the shore. "Ay! Heave ahead," said Marah, eyeing the coast. He took the tiller as the lugger gathered way under her hoisted foresail. "I dunno," he said aloud.

In such a case they will bee presentlie such friends as to help one the other all they can to get clear, lest they should both burn together and so sink: and, if they be generous, and the fire be quenched, they will drink kindly one to the other, heave their canns over-board, and begin again as before....

It was during his stay on this boat that Captain Sellers introduced the tap of the bell as a signal to heave the lead, previous to which time it was the custom for the pilot to speak to the men below when soundings were wanted. The proximity of the forecastle to the pilot-house, no doubt, rendered this an easy matter; but how different on one of our palaces of the present day.

"As I won't trust you an inch beyond my sight, heave that revolver down first, and then I won't touch you. If you stick to it, I know you'll try to make cold meat of me in the hopes I shan't be found down here." "But you might shoot me, Mr. Cospatric by accident, of course." "Make your dirty little soul comfortable on that score.

And and But, Grandfather, I just want you to know that I guess I understand things a little better than I did, and and when my father " The captain's heavy hand descended upon his shoulder. "Heave short, Al!" he commanded. "I've been doin' consider'ble thinkin' since Labe finished his er discourse and pronounced the benediction, and I've come to a pretty definite conclusion on one matter.

So I came to talk after their manner, and to heave on ropes, and to reef the stiff sails in sudden squalls, and to take my turn at the wheel. But it was not strange, for the blood of my fathers was the blood of the men of the sea.

But but, all the same, I do believe the best thing, and the easiest in the end, not only for you or me but for all hands, is to take the bull by the horns and heave the critter, if you can. There may be an awful big trouble, but big or little it'll be over and done with.