They were surrounded by lights of outgoing and incoming craft, and they knew by soundings taken that day, when the steamer had slowed down for the same purpose, that they were within the hundred-fathom curve, close to the mouth of the Channel, but not within the three-mile limit.

Between 20 and 23 fathoms I obtained several soundings, and they all showed a sandy bottom, with one exception at 30 fathoms, when the arming came up scooped out, as if by the margin of a large Caryophyllia.

Seeing his old friend Brighton-Pomfrey and being gently and tactfully told to do exactly what he was longing to do was one thing; facing some strange doctor and going slowly and elaborately through the whole story of his illness, his vow and his breakdown, and perhaps having his reaction time tested and all sorts of stripping and soundings done, was quite another.

Further deep-sea soundings must be taken west of the Hawaiian Islands before the final route for the cable can be selected. Under these circumstances it becomes a paramount necessity that measures should be taken before the close of the present Congress to provide such means as may seem most suitable for the establishment of a cable system.

Let me see, I shall have to lie, as I have another engagement, but a little thing like that doesn't bother me." Suddenly she clapped her hands together. "My dear, I quite forgot," she said. "Michael, such excitement. You remember the boat you heard taking soundings on the deep-water reach? Of course you do!

"He'll hardly ram the tug, though he may be fool enough to try it." The Arthur B. Grover had rounded the point and was feeling its way toward Heart o' Dreams. Archie recognized Perky, industriously taking soundings and lazily giving orders to the man at the wheel. "How much does she show?" called the Governor. "A coupla clothes lines deep," replied Perky without taking the pipe from his mouth.

Next day, being the 16th of March, he made sail for the Cape of Good Hope, spending all the rest of that month, all April, and a part of May, in traversing the vast ocean between the island of Java and the southern extremity of Africa, making many observations on the appearances of the stars, the weather, winds, tides, currents, soundings, and bearings and positions of lands.

I'm not going to interfere one mite, I'm just going to dictate for this once. If I ain't way off in my soundings, you'll be mighty glad to have him as a son-in-law, too." Mr. Fox rose and lifted his cane. He tapped the corner of the desk. He opened his mouth, but his anger choked him. "You make me nervous, Jim. Set down and set still. I ain't going to speak of the parson right off.

As he came close to the breakers he hove to and sent out another boat, in charge of Aitkin, a Scottish seaman, accompanied by Sailmaker Coles, Armorer Weeks and two Sandwich Islanders. The breakers were not quite so rough as they had been, and Aitkin proceeded cautiously some distance in front of the ship, making soundings and finding no depth less than four fathoms.

He was now accompanied only by the 'Delight' and the 'Golden Hinde, and these two keeping as near the shore as they dared, he spent what remained of the summer examining every creek and bay, marking the soundings, taking the bearings of the possible harbours, and risking his life, as every hour he was obliged to risk it in such a service, in thus leading, as it were, the forlorn hope in the conquest of the New World.