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Westerfield saw him again, on the next day, he appeared with undeniable claims on her mercy. Notice of the marriage had been received at the church; and a cabin had been secured for her on board the steamer. Her prospects being thus settled, to her own satisfaction, Mrs. Westerfield was at liberty to make her arrangements for the desertion of poor little Syd.

One of the reigning princes of Germany not, however, one of the most powerful had appealed to him for assistance in drawing up a memorial, which he was desirous of presenting at the Imperial Court with the view of furthering his legitimate claims upon a certain strip of territory.

You have had great wealth, absolute freedom to develop your ideas as you saw fit, and finally the influence to command an immediate hearing for your claims. Do you know that perhaps you are the richest young man in the world today? It is this which, I must confess, at first rather prejudiced me against you." Edestone laughed good-naturedly.

But to this usurping 'private, to this man of passion and affection, and not reason this man of private and particular motives only, and blind partial aims, it is more potent than Rome and all her claims; it outweighs Rome and all her weal 'it is worth of senators and patricians a city full, of tribunes and plebeians a sea and land full' it outweighs all the Volscians, and their trust in him.

"The governor of Bonista rules the judges of the courts of the state of Bonista with an iron hand. Rest assured that, if the Americans were to take their claims into the courts of this state, the judges would decide for you, and that would be the end of the matter.

Usually, in a hydraulic claim, the dirt is washed down to the bed-rock; but in some places the washing stops far above the bed-rock, because there is no outlet for the water. Blasting. In some hydraulic claims, the dirt, in dry seasons, is blasted, so as to loosen it.

We have now an opportunity to do this in the case of our young friend an' fellow-citizen, Mr. Williams, whose eloquent an' fine-lookin' letter ought to make us feel proud of him an' of our race. "Of co'se there are two sides to the question. We have got to consider the claims of Miss Noble.

We must take care not to tell them that the English and Americans have fought, and that there are `Alabama' claims left unsettled, and that we have such people as Fenians in America, who hate you. But, seriously, Doctor now don't be frightened when I tell you that I have come after YOU!" "After me?" "Yes." "How?" "Well. You have heard of the `New York Herald?"

They would represent the effort to develop standards by which conflicting claims could be resolved.

As the king's voice was stronger than that of the burgesses, the clergy felt that they had an excellent case, and they brought a lawsuit to recover their claims. By the old law each clergyman was to be paid his salary in tobacco, one hundred and sixty thousand pounds weight a year. There seemed to be nothing to do but pay them, either in cash or tobacco.