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After vainly summoning the city to surrender he retired to Pointe-aux-Trembles, more than twenty miles up the north shore of the St Lawrence, there to await the arrival of the victorious Montgomery. Meanwhile Montgomery was racing for Carleton and Carleton was racing for Quebec.

The "offices" were readily sold or let, and from intended sculleries or what not, rose to be the places of business of two early firms of solicitors Meek and Clarke on the one side, and Montgomery and McCrae on the other. The spacious frontage remained long unbuilt upon, but it has since been taken as part of a "Temple" not, however, of the gods, but of very different people the lawyers.

Montgomery tossed his notebook on his desk with a force that hinted that he had had previous encounters with an obstinate element in his chosen abiding place.

Part of the chimney lay heaped on the floor, and among the fallen bricks and stones appeared a big tin box. A most ordinary box, such as many people use for insignificant belongings. Somebody dubiously suggested that "It might be it!" There was nothing dubious about Montgomery.

Montgomery sailed proudly into her pew, convoying her daughter Maud, who was smiling and whispering to her escort; and just behind them came a plainly-clad but happy young mechanic, a carpenter, clasping to his warm, honest heart the arm of his sweet-faced, gentle wife, and holding the hand of his rosy-cheeked, bright-eyed, three-year old boy, who toddled along, staring at the brilliant pictures on the windows.

Every former dependent who could be induced to dispute his claims as a landlord, under the new relations established by the late decision, was sure of a judgment in his favour. Disputes about boundaries with O'Cane, about the commutation of chieftain-rents into tenantry, about church lands claimed by Montgomery, Protestant Bishop of Derry, were almost invariably decided against him.

Late at night on the 31st December, during a heavy snowstorm, Montgomery marched from Anse-au-Foulon along a rough and narrow road between the foot of Cape Diamond and the St. Lawrence, as far as Près-de-ville, or what is now Little Champlain Street. Arnold at the same time advanced from the direction of the St. Charles.

"Ye banks and braes and streams around The castle o' Montgomery " sang Mrs. Fitzgerald. There was in the room that slow movement which imperceptibly changes a well-filled stage, places a figure now here, now there, shifts the grouping and the lights. Now Judith was one of a knot of younger women.

But she had closed her eyes against whatever might be revealed and still delayed her mistress's direction: "Go and look for Montgomery and see if he knows anything about Katharine;" then, turning to Susanna, she added: "I am so glad that they are going to be such friends. It's a good thing for a growing boy to be associated with a young lady of his own his own position in life." Susanna sniffed.

"My friend will be in directly. Meanwhile will you let me look at the ring once more?" Paul took it from his pocket, and handed it to the jeweler from Syracuse, as he supposed him to be. Mr. Montgomery took it to the window, and appeared to be examining it carefully. He stood with his back to Paul, but this did not excite suspicion on the part of our hero.