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The debate, frequently interrupted by Appropriation Bills, and other important and importunate measures, lasted until the 31st of January, when Mr. Ashley called the previous question on his motion to reconsider. Mr. Stiles at once moved to table the motion to reconsider. Mr. Stiles's motion was lost by 57 yeas to 111 nays.

After the manner of hill-men, they lit beacon fires on the rocky ridges around us to warn the Khalifa of our whereabouts. That night the camp lines had been drawn still closer than ever, only 260 yards' front being given to each battalion. On the morning of 31st the troops were early astir.

I hope in three days to congratulate you on our being in the fair track down the Mediterranean. "Friday, 31st. Events multiply and increase upon us, but not so favourably as they promised when I last took up my pen.

Sam was a sergeant in the 31st; and when the regiment was ordered to India, I drew a lot to go, and I was more thankful than I can tell; for it seemed as if it would only be a slow death to me to part from my husband. But, indeed, ma'am, if I had known all, I don't know whether I would not rather have died there and then than gone through what I have done since.

On March 31st there was a violent quarrel between the women of two settlements, and the "reguli" embarked with all their host, to fight it out; Rampano was the victor, and after the usual palaver the vanquished was compelled to pay a heavy fine.

For instance, the edition for the week ending December 31st was packed in hampers provided by Mr. Garton, who advised me to send the lot as dried fish, and found a reliable consignee for them in Ireland. The "dried fish" arrived safely, and then the most arduous part of Michael Wolohan's work began.

The last time that the keeper saw him was on July the 31st, 1743; when Savage, seeing him at his bedside, said, with an uncommon earnestness, "I have something to say to you, sir;" but, after a pause, moved his hand in a melancholy manner; and, finding himself unable to recollect what he was going to communicate, said, "'Tis gone!" The keeper soon after left him; and the next morning he died.

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'18th. He has eaten a very little, but gets thinner and weaker. Continue the lotion. '27th. The ulcers are nearly healed, and the discharge of pus has ceased. '31st. The mouth is clean, the gums are healed, and there is no longer anything offensive about the dog. is placed at the top of the windpipe, the exit from the lungs, and is also connected with the Schneiderian membrane.

There, face to face, cannon fronting cannon, with less than two hundred feet between, are the two armies on the 31st of May, at midnight.