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To sit in a chaise or in a room alone with one's thoughts is much more interesting than being with people. Congratulate me: I sold my own carriage at Irkutsk. How much I gained on it I won't say, or mother would fall into a faint and not sleep for five nights. Your Homo Sachaliensis, A. CHEKHOV. STEAMER "YERMAK," June 20, 1890. Greeting, dear ones at home!

George put down his log, and then looked at his fingers critically. "I am very sorry, Miss Sewell, but I am not fit to touch. I hope your headache is better." Miss Sewell dropped her hand meekly, shot him a glance which was not meek, and said demurely: "Oh! my headaches do what they're told. You see, I was determined to come down and congratulate you."

"If you do this," she concluded, "you will have the merit of making Emilie happy." I took down the man's name, and promised to do my best with the princess. "Are you still determined to cure yourself of your love for Armelline?" "Yes, but I shall not begin the cure till Lent." "I congratulate you; the carnival is unusually long this year." The next day I spoke of the matter to the princess.

"My dear Lord Privilege," said he, coming up and taking me by the hand, "let me not be the last to congratulate you upon your accession. I was running up the channel in my frigate, when a pilot-boat gave me the newspaper, in which I saw your unexpected change of circumstances.

After we had satisfied our hunger, for neither of us had dined, and poured out a bottle of claret, he looked up at me quizzically. "I have not heard you congratulate me," he said. "Nor will you," I replied, laughing. "I like you the better for it, Richard. 'Twas a damned poor performance, and that's truth." "I thought the performance remarkable," I said honestly.

The two months of his absence seemed very long to the children, though they heard from him constantly; and there were great rejoicings when he returned with the news that their affairs had at last been satisfactorily settled. Mikhail Paulovitch had withdrawn his claim, and the great house was their own again. All the peasants of the neighbourhood came in a body to congratulate them.

The door opened others coming to congratulate Hilary Vane on the greatest victory he had ever won. Offices were secure once more, the feudal system intact, and rebels justly punished; others coming to make their peace with the commander whom, senseless as they were, they had dared to doubt.

The Confederate Commissioners were carried to the castle, and told they might congratulate themselves on not sharing the cell prepared for Glamorgan. "Go back," they were told, "to Kilkenny and tell the President of the Council, that the Protestants of England would fling the King's person out at his window, if they believed it possible that he lent himself to such an undertaking."

It spoke of all he had nobly abandoned social position, Government appointment, etc. to cast in his lot with theirs; his brilliant and impassioned oratory, pitiless logic, with more in the same strain. "I presume this is a socialistic print," said Eden, after reading the paragraph. "Well, I can't say I congratulate you on your new departure.

Home from the playhouse to the office, where I wrote what I had to write, and among others to my father to congratulate my sister's marriage, and so home to supper a little and then to bed.

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