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To the year 1562 belongs the nearly profile portrait of the artist, painted by himself with a subtler refinement and a truer revelation of self than is to be found in those earlier canvases of Berlin and the Uffizi in which his late prime still shows as a green and vigorous manhood. This is now in the Sala de la Reina Isabel of the Prado. The pale noble head, refined by old age to a solemn beauty, is that of one brought face to face with the world beyond; it is the face of the man who could conceive and paint the sacred pieces of the end, the Ecce Homo of Munich and the last Piet

They are resolved to catch me. First there was the bribe; then the matter of the Maid; then this; and if I took a hundred oaths they would find one more that I could not, without losing my soul; and that indeed I do not propose to do. Quid enim proficit homo?" There was a knock at the door a moment later, and a servant came in to beg Mr.

The donor was greatly amused, and noted down the incident and some of the remarks in his commonplace book, under the general head of "Bestiarium;" and the particular head of "Homo." Paris with its seductions netted the good doctor, and held him two or three months; would have detained him longer, but for alarming accounts the baroness sent of Josephine's health.

"You were always a bitter dog to me, Parson," he said, "but I can give you a reason why it's illegal," he said triumphantly. "That man is Parson Homo, a well-known crook who was kicked out of the Church fifteen years ago. I worked alongside him in Portland." Homo smiled crookedly. "You are right up to a certain point, Milsom," he said, "but you are wrong in one essential.

Undisturbed by the idealising effect of the sound, you could never see enough of the stern, medieval, wood-cutting movement of this comical spectacle, this harmonious parody on the homo sapiens. "Now, on the other hand, assume that your musical sense has returned, and that your ears are opened.

And the Disagreeable Girl being everywhere, Shaw, dealer in human character, cannot write a play and leave her out, any more than the artist Turner could paint a picture and leave man out, or Paul Veronese produce a canvas and omit the dog. The Disagreeable Girl is a female of the genus homo persuasion, built around a digestive apparatus that possesses marked marshmallow proclivities.

He licked it so softly that he did not awake the little infant. Ursus turned round. "Well done, Homo. I shall be father, and you shall be uncle." Then he betook himself again to arranging the fire with philosophical care, without interrupting his aside. "Adoption! It is settled; Homo is willing." He drew himself up. "I should like to know who is responsible for that woman's death?

I can not begin any other book; I must stand or fall by The Captive. I shall be a "homo unius libri"! But I can not attempt to write again ever in these circumstances. It is not that my force is spent I am only at the beginning of my life, I see everything in the future. But I could not wrestle with these outside things again it took all my courage and all my strength to do it once.

Clarke had tried his best to disbelieve it all, but at the end of the account, as he had written it in his book, he had placed the inscription: ET DIABOLUS INCARNATE EST. ET HOMO FACTUS EST. "Herbert! Good God! Is it possible?" "Yes, my name's Herbert. I think I know your face, too, but I don't remember your name. My memory is very queer." "Don't you recollect Villiers of Wadham?"

And to think that if I had not been eaten up by creatures of this kind for the last thirty years, I should be rich; Homo would be fat; I should have a medicine-chest full of rarities; as many surgical instruments as Doctor Linacre, surgeon to King Henry VIII.; divers animals of all kinds; Egyptian mummies, and similar curiosities; I should be a member of the College of Physicians, and have the right of using the library, built in 1652 by the celebrated Hervey, and of studying in the lantern of that dome, whence you can see the whole of London.

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