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In medical science limber-neck is regarded as a symptom rather than a disease, and may be due to a number of causes, such as derangement of the digestive organs, intestinal worms and ptomaine poisoning. The affected fowls should be given immediately a full tablespoon of fresh melted lard or sweet oil, to which has been added a scant teaspoonful, of coal oil. In an hour repeat the dose.

Whortleberries, commonly called huckleberries, dried, are a useful medicine for children. Made into tea, and sweetened with molasses, they are very beneficial, when the system is in a restricted state, and the digestive powers out of order. Blackberries are extremely useful in cases of dysentery.

Most unfortunately, the individual not cognizant of the invisible changes going on in the economy does not adapt the mode of life to the new conditions of the organism, and the weakened and lessened amount of the digestive fluids is unable to master the large quantities of food. The absorbents refuse to take more than is needed to repair the tissues.

Tame the monarch of the forest into a domestic animal, and change his food, and I will wager anything you please that, in the course of a few generations, his digestive tube will lengthen itself.

This process was the differentiation of the gut into two sections an anterior respiratory section, the branchial gut, that was restricted to breathing, and a posterior digestive section, the hepatic gut.

And yet who has ever known you to be satisfied, or to complain of indigestion? Your digestive faculties are of iron; your entrails fathomless! Pooh I had many other things to say to you, but I am in a hurry to be off. You are an ugly brother-in-law go!

But if the time of weaning is a matter of choice, it should be approximately coincident with certain notable developments in the infant's digestive functions, which occur toward the end of the first year. The fact that the infant is prepared to take other food is outwardly shown by the appearance of teeth, of which there are usually six or eight at the end of the year.

However, I do of course know of that famous medical-school example of the young girl who allowed herself to waste away with hunger at home, because she imagined that she was suffering from a serious complaint of the digestive organs, but who nevertheless began to eat when she was taken elsewhere. However, that is but one circumstance, and there are so many contradictory cases."

"The main point seems to be not to destroy those for whom Christ died. Does it make any difference whether we do it with our digestive organs or with our feet?

Leon Fredericq states that the digestive fluid of worms is of the same nature as the pancreatic secretion of the higher animals; and this conclusion agrees perfectly with the kinds of food which worms consume.