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Then he guessed his father would be sorry and ashamed. Now, since his father would not take him into his confidence, he would not pretend he did the shooting. That would be his only revenge. Finally, Squire Tucker, pushing his writing aside, ran his fingers through the great mass of his tumbled gray hair, and looked quizzically at Jim over his glasses.

"Yes, even when it's hard going we still have to march on name of God, yes!" he repeated, and he looked at Carnac quizzically. "Where are you going? Don't you want to talk to me?" "I'm going home, m'sieu'. If you'll come with me I'll give you a drink of hard cider, the best was ever made." "I'll come. Denzil, I've never been in your little house. That's strange, when I've known you so many years."

'Then, Sir, I venture to ask you for all you can disclose or relate about one Charles Archer. Dangerfield cocked his head on one side, quizzically, and smiled the faintest imaginable cynical smile. 'I can't disclose anything, for the gentleman never told me his secrets; but all I can relate is heartily at your service.

The leather-faced captain grinned quizzically. "Which does he go shy on, Mr. Toomey, the love or the fear?" he asked. "Both," said Toomey, shortly. Then his stern face relaxed, and he laughed good-humoredly. "Fact is, I think we'll have to be sellin' that there grizzly to some zoölogical park. He's kind of bad fer my prestige." "How's that, Job?" asked Sanderson, expectant of a story.

"I would die before forfeiting a dozen ideals I hold dear!" "Would you?" Lawrence looked at him quizzically. "Would you sacrifice your own life before you would the love of your sweetheart, for instance, if you had one?" The conversation was similar to those which they had had months before, but the fire was nearer the surface now. "Yes." Philip's answer came swiftly.

And yet, do you know that your predilection for one-armed men is a surprise to me." He looked quizzically at her sudden confusion. "Most ladies are partial to men with two good arms; but just so that you keep on preferring me I am content, no matter how anomalous the conditions." She lit another papelito and smiled mockingly at him. "That was very clumsy.

"Oh, I see you want to be a gentleman farmer," laughed Endicott. "I understand that's expensive business." "I think I could make it pay, sir." said Michael shutting his lips with that firm challenge of his. "I'd like to try." Endicott looked at him quizzically for a minute and then whirling around in his office chair he reached out his hand to a pigeon hole and took out a deed.

"Sophy," Miss Emmeline said, smiling, "I don't see anything left for me to do but come back to Hyndsville, do you?" "No, I don't. And come soon. Hynds House won't feel the same without you. I thought of all she had taught me by just being her fine, frank self, and looked at her gratefully. She looked back at me quizzically, and of a sudden she slipped her arm around my shoulders.

Duncan liked to talk about himself; he had been talking about himself all the time that Sheila had sat beside him reviewing the mental picture. But apparently he had about exhausted that subject now, and presently he looked up at her, his eyes narrowing quizzically. "You have been here a month now," he said. "How do you like the country?" "I like it," she returned.

Therefore my women have painted it because you saved their head man." He laid the robe at Dick's feet. Dick glanced toward his companion with the strange cast flickering quizzically in his narrow eyes. "Fine thing to carry along on a trip like ours," he said in English. "I don't know what to do with it. They've worked on it mighty near a week. I wish to hell they'd keep their old robe."