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"I've got one of my own to love, M'seur; and I wouldn't trade her for all else in the world." "Damned if I can understand you," swore the engineer. "You appear to be half human; you say you're in love, and yet you'd rather risk your life than help out Meleese and me. What the deuce does it mean?" "That's what I'm doing, M'seur helping Meleese.

In the meantime the farmer, who had left the room previous to this explanation, and who looked upon Reilly as an impostor or a spy, returned with a stout oaken cudgel, exclaiming, "Now, you damned desaver, I will give you a jacketful of sore bones for comin' to pry about here.

VI. RIGHT AND WRONG. It is the mark of a good action that it appears inevitable in the retrospect. We should have been cut-throats to do otherwise. And there's an end. We ought to know distinctly that we are damned for what we do wrong; but when we have done right, we have only been gentlemen, after all. There is nothing to make a work about.

One can also consult what Grotius wrote against the Socinians, of the satisfaction of Jesus Christ, and the answer of Crellius thereto. Thus it is that the pains of the damned continue, even when they no longer serve to turn them away from evil, and that likewise the rewards of the blessed continue, even when they no longer serve for strengthening them in good.

I went round to the north chapel, and there he was taking off his cope. "'Well, he said to me, 'how did I do it? "'Do it? I said; 'do it? Why, you've damned those poor lads' souls eternally. The hand of the Lord was with you, I said. "'Damned them? said he; 'nonsense! 'Twas only your old herbal that I read at them; and the cope too, 'twas inside out."

But alas! these things appear in their hearts to the damned too late; as also do all things else. This will be but like the repentance of the thief, about whose neck is the halter, and he turning off the ladder; for the unfortunate hap of the damned will be, that the glory of heavenly things will not appear to them till out of season.

But it isn't our mistakes that are going to beat us, it's the damned bull-headed incompetence of the so-called labor we've got to deal with." He ruminated over that in silence for a minute or two.

To a cur, I suppose it is necessary to add that, even if I did know, I should take pleasure in seeing you damned before I told you." Danglar's face was like a devil's. His revolver held a steady bead on the Adventurer's head. "I'll give you a last chance." He spoke through closed teeth. "I'll fire when I count three. One!" A horrible fascination held Rhoda Gray.

What is it?" "Now, I call that noble of you, Phil; damned noble! I do need a good turn, and that's a fact. You see I didn't tell my father exactly the truth as to my leaving the Barbadoes. Not that I don't scorn a lie, but I was considerate of the old gentleman's feelings. I couldn't endure to shock him in his tenderest place. You understand?" "I probably shall when you've finished."

We'll be married to-day," he said; and, crossing swiftly, he took her two hands in his. His voice was harsh and imperative. "He's down and out, so don't be frightened. Now hurry! I've had enough of this damned nonsense." "I I'm not frightened," she said, dazedly. "But I " Her eyes roved past him as if in quest of something. "Here! This'll do for a wrap."