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She is credited with a number of organ fugues, as well as a piano sonata. Coming to the less usual instruments, Ottilie Heinke, who lives in Berlin, has composed two 'cello romances, besides worthy piano music. Sophie Seipt, of Cologne, has also published a number of 'cello pieces. Caroline Krämer became a virtuoso on the clarinet, and wrote a good many pieces for that instrument.

He showed Herr Kramer his watch with his monogram upon it, his seal ring, and inside the pocket of his coat the label of his tailor, with his own name written beneath it and the date that the garment had been ordered. When he had completed his narrative the old man shook his head. "I cannot understand it," he said; "and yet I am almost forced to believe that you are not the king."

"It might be a good bit of drill to set up a few live missile runs on random targets," I said. "There's also the possibility of setting up a small arms range and qualifying all hands." I switched my eyes to Kramer. Fine was sorry he'd come, and Joyce wouldn't take the initiative; Kramer was my problem. "I see you have your Mark 9, Major," I said, holding out my hand. "May I see it?"

It was Yearling Devine who sprang to obey this direction. Now Dick spoke, ever so quietly. "Mr. Kramer, I understood that you did me the honor to call me out." "Eh?" muttered that other yearling. "Oh, yes; so I did. Whenever you're ready, mister!" "If Mr. Edwards and Mr. Jennison are willing," returned the plebe coolly, "I'm ready as soon as Mr. Spurlock has been carried away." "Oho, mister!

The first store was opened to-day by a grocer named W.A. Kramer, whose stock, though covered with mud and still wet from the flood, has been preserved intact. So far the greater part of his things have been bought for relics.

Hydroponics didn't help; we had to have a few ounces of fresh meat and vegetables grown in sunlight every week, or start to die within months. I knew that Kramer wouldn't let this chance pass. As Medical Officer he would be well within his rights in calling to my attention the fact that our health would soon begin to suffer.

You made the time so interesting that I had no idea it was so late. You will excuse me if I tear myself away at once. I have some important business that demands my immediate attention." "I hope you'll come again," she managed to stammer, "and you, too, Mr. Kramer." White-faced and terrified she escorted them out, leaving the telephone bell jangling angrily.

"I wonder," she said, "how long it will be before you can write a love story." "What?" "Sue and Joe Kramer, you idiot." I stared at her dumfounded. "Did you think all that talk was aimed at you?" my pitiless spouse continued. "Did you think all that change in Joe's point of view was on your account?" I watched her vigilantly for a while.

She felt that at last she was on the point of finding out something worth while. "No," said Kramer, "unfortunately it was not the same university." She caught her breath and blushed guiltily. If Mr. Kramer had attended a German university he could not be an Annapolis graduate. He must be a recent comer in the American navy. She knew that since the war began some civilians had been admitted.

But she did not speak to Eleanore now, her talk like Joe's was aimed at me. "Why not think it over, Billy?" she urged. "You're not happy now, I never saw you so worried and blue." "I'm not in the least!" I said stoutly. But Sue did not seem to hear me. She went on in an eager, absorbed sort of way: "Why not try it a little? You needn't go as far as Joe Kramer.