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We must remember that society has some claims on us, and not let our better natures be worked upon by the post mortem promises of a dead drunkard. Then I took my icicle and began fumbling around the abdomen portion of Pa's remains, and my chum took a rough piece of ice and began to saw his leg off, while the other boy took hold of the leg and said he would catch it when it dropped off.

As told in "Dave Porter in the Far North," he crossed the Atlantic with his chum, Roger, and followed his father to the upper part of Norway. Here at last the lonely lad met his parent face to face, a meeting as thrilling as it was interesting. He learned that his sister had returned to the United States, and with some friends named Endicott had gone to the latter's ranch in the Far West. Mr.

But all the best intentions seemed to go wrong that day, and it did not take an hour's marching before Bob stopped and turned to his chum with a crestfallen countenance. "Look here, old man, I don't know what you're thinking, but my own opinion is " "That we've missed the path; that we are lost " "I'm afraid that is the truth of it.

Dorothy and Polly loved the Princess Fluff the moment they saw her, and little King Bud was so frank and boyish that Button-Bright accepted him as a chum at once and did not want him to go away.

Then one morning, sitting in the cabin of the tug anchored near Gold Hill, there came an alarm. "A land slide! A big slide in Culebra Cut! Emergency orders!" "That means us!" cried Blake, springing to his feet, and getting out a camera. "It's our chance, Joe." "Yes! Too bad, but it had to be, I suppose," agreed his chum, as he slipped into a mackintosh, for it was raining hard.

"The sooner the better!" cried Tom, and Ned fancied his chum was unusually eager. "I guess he wants to make good before Beecher gets the chance to show Mary Nestor what he can do," thought Ned. "Tom sure is after that idol of gold." "You may start, Senor Jacinto," said the professor, and the guide called something in Indian dialect to the rowers.

The boys made their camp beside a little group of palmettos on a bit of dry ground which had often been used for that purpose. Johnny pointed to a faint line in the grass of the Glades and told Dick that it was an Indian trail. Dick was excited at the thought that the chum he had come so far to meet might even now be in sight.

The Chevalier was now, as he said, "in clover:" he had a very comfortable set of rooms in Shepherd's Inn. He was waited on by a former Spanish Legionary and comrade of his whom he had left at a breach of a Spanish fort, and found at a crossing in Tottenham-court Road, and whom he had elevated to the rank of body-servant to himself and to the chum who, at present, shared his lodgings.

My dear old chum: Dad and I got here three days ago, and have begun to enjoy life. We didn't leave home a minute too soon, as we would have been arrested for running over that banana peddler, and for arson in setting a load of hay on fire and destroying the farmer's pants in our automobile accident.

You are in training, and you are not supposed to smoke at all, but you get here in this room and puff away by the hour." "What harm does it do?" "A great deal." "Get out! It doesn't make a dit of bifference." "That's what you think, but I know better. At Fardale I had a chum who smoked cigarettes by the stack.