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But the mother could defend herself, the child was prey. the child of a detested wife was heir to his title and estates. His look at the child, his hasty one look down at her innocent, was conjured before her as resembling a kick at a stone in his path. His indifference to the child's Christian names pointed darkly over its future.

He was weary of hurrying; the change from weeks in the glaring sun and dust-laden wind to this sweet coot darkly green and brown forest was very welcome; he wanted to linger along the shaded trail. This day he made sure would see him reach the Rim. By and by he lost the trail. It had just worn out from lack of use.

I ventured one sidelong glance at Major Vandyke's face after I had shot that bolt; and I quivered all over as I saw how the blood streamed darkly up to his forehead and swelled the veins at his temples. If I hadn't been afraid of him for Eagle, whose superior officer he was, I might have pitied him for the pain I had inflicted, under which he could keep silence only by biting his lip.

But I leave it to you, Beamish. Similarly the great military commander, having done whatsoever a careful prevision may suggest to insure him victory, casts himself upon Providence, with the hope of propitiating the unanticipated and darkly possible.

"It's the second time ye've served me for a hostage. Ye'll be well advised to avoid a third. I'm not lucky to you, Colonel, as you should be perceiving." Jeremy Pitt, the master, lounging at Blood's elbow, looked darkly upon the departure of the Deputy-Governor.

It sounded as if he had been making up his mind what to say, yet faltered at the last moment. Robinson ruminated darkly. As a matter of fact, long after eleven o'clock on that fateful night, he himself had seen Elkin walking homeward. He was well aware that the licensing hours were not strictly observed by the Hare and Hounds when "commercial gentlemen" were in residence.

Judge Wilton gave her look for look, but his already flushed face coloured more darkly. "Very well, Judge Wilton!" she gave him insolent good-bye, in which there was also unmistakable threat. "You'll do the right thing sooner or later and as I tell you. You're get this straight you're not through with me yet!"

A man might do the job with one hand without half trying." But Hubert de Burgh gazed at the man darkly. "Look you, fellow," he said, "there are forces besides a man's hands which are powerful. His very helplessness and innocence . . . I think they shall paralyze my hands and make me helpless. Do as I say: bind the boy and stand near, ready to lend a hand."

Sometime I might send them to Ann Isbel." Whereupon she wrapped them up again and hid them in the bottom of the old trunk, and slowly, as she lowered the lid, looking darkly, blankly at the wall, she whispered: "Jean Isbel! ... I hate him!" Later when Ellen went outdoors she carried her rifle, which was unusual for her, unless she intended to go into the woods. The morning was sunny and warm.

Sir Oliver looked at him from under brows that scowled darkly in reflection of his thoughts. "Do now? Of what do you talk?" quoth he. "Have you not heard?" And Lionel told him the news. Sir Oliver stared long at him when he had done, then his lips tightened and he smote his brow. "So!" he cried. "Would that be why she refused to see me? Did she conceive that I went perhaps to plead?

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