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I 've spent a few hours at the same kind of a job myself, and I 've called old Henry Beamish more kinds of a fool than you can think of for not coming right out flat-footed and making Thornton tell me the whole story.

The total disappearance of the pair of heroes who had been the latest in the conspiracy to vex his delicate charge, gave Mr. Beamish a high opinion of Caseldy as an assistant in such an office as he held. They had gone, and nothing more was heard of them.

Beamish expressed a great desire to be conveyed by night to Kilrush, where he might find means to cross the Shannon into Kerry; this, however, the doctor opposed strenuously, from the risque of publicity; and finally settled that we should all go in a body to his friend, Father Malachi Brennan's house, only two miles off, where the sick man would have the most tender care, and what the doctor considered equally indispensable, we ourselves a most excellent supper, and a hearty welcome.

It was not till well after ten, when dusk had fallen, that he suddenly heard voices. At first he could not distinguish the words, but the tone was Bulla's, and from the sounds it was clear the engineer and some others were approaching. Then Beamish spoke: "You'd better keep your eyes open anyway," he said. "Morton says they only stayed at work about a week. They're off somewhere now.

There it swerved again. From Broadway it barked loudly into a side-street where easily, with a soapy slide, it stopped. Paliser got out, preceded Cassy to the steps of the walk-up and smiled in her face. "When?" Cassy, the revised opinion of him about her, gave him her hand. "Ask the telephone." The hall took her. She was scaling the stairs. On the way Mrs. Beamish accompanied her.

"You might have given me a hint of it." Flora smiled. "I'm afraid Beamish was too clever for us. From an outsider's point of view, he behaved exceptionally well, and in doing so he put us in the wrong. I didn't know what had been planned when I left home, but, as one of the league, I couldn't draw back when I heard of it." "You think he was too clever?" Mrs. Nelson broke in.

"Some fool temperance folks are starting a campaign want to shut the hotels," his visitor explained. "You'll put your name to this." "I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me, Mr. Beamish. I can't form an opinion; I haven't heard the other side yet." "Do you want to hear them? Do you like that kind of talk?" George smiled, though he was not favorably impressed by the man.

If you run into things that cut your very heart out to learn beat 'em down and keep going! And win! There that's all the advice I know. Meet me at the 11:10 train for Indianapolis. Good-by." "Good-by I 'll be there." Fairchild grasped the pudgy hand and left the office. For a moment afterward, old Henry Beamish stood thinking and looking out over the dingy roof adjacent.

'says my father, for a thought just struck him, 'may be it's some trick of the Devil to catch my soul. "'A pint of Beamish, says the ghost. "'Done! says my father; 'cut for deal. The ace of clubs, you have it.

Beamish that her Grace had been in his shop, earlier than usual, as it happened, and accompanied by a foreign-looking gentleman wearing moustachois. Her Grace, the pastrycook said, had partaken of several tarts, in common with the gentleman, who complimented him upon his excelling the Continental confectioner. Mr. Beamish glanced at Chloe.

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