He stopped, wheeled around, and then the two instinctively sought each other again. The President came back, the boy went forward. This time each held out both hands, and as each looked once more into the other's eyes a world of complete understanding was in both faces, and every looker-on smiled with them. "Good-by, Curtis," came at last from the President. "Good-by, Mr.

That's what keeps him." Here the boy reached the pasture to which he was driving the cows, and Harry, bidding him "good-by," went on his way. He felt fresh and vigorous, and walked ten miles before he felt the need of rest. When this distance was accomplished, he found himself in the center of a good-sized village. He felt hungry, and the provision which he brought from home was nearly gone.

"Won't you shake hands?" Turning, she gave him briefly the tips of fingers cold as ice. As their hands touched, a sudden tragic sense overwhelmed him that here was a farewell indeed. The light contact set him shaking; and for a moment his iron self-control, which covered torments she never guessed at, almost forsook him. "Good-by.

It's awfully good of you to take him when you haven't any other boarders." "I'd take you, too, if I could," Mr. Jerry's Aunt Mary murmured as she went to get a ginger cooky. "I'm going to find the beautiful princess," Mary Rose told Mr. Jerry, when she said good-by to him a few minutes later. "And when I do shall I tell her that the prince is not going to Jericho?"

Then he took off his clothes, made them and his arms and ammunition into a bundle, which he put on the log, said good-by to the two men, and launched himself and his fortunes once more upon the Ohio. He pushed the log before him, taking care to keep it steady, and swam easily with one hand.

Merely to watch one of them dealing with a deck steward was to know for all time the superiority of mind over matter. Most incongruously, it was Ella Monahan and Clarence Heyl who waved good-by to her as her ship swung clear of the dock. Ella was in New York on her monthly trip. Heyl had appeared at the hotel as Fanny was adjusting her veil and casting a last rather wild look around the room.

Good-by, and God bless you!" "Good-by, Jim," she said, with some emotion. "I'm so glad to know you're happy." "You bet," he grinned. "Never mind, I can get out all right. Good-by again." "Good-by," she said very softly. The door closed behind him, and once more she took up her solitary vigil at the window. If John would only come! The precious minutes were slipping away.

The Princess was as beautiful as moonlight, and her voice was as sweet as the wind blowing on a harp, and Oisin was in love with her and eager to go before she had done speaking. "He went back to his father and his companions and bade them farewell. It was with tears that Finn said good-by to Oisin, for I think he knew that he should never see him again. But Oisin did not know.

But the airy attitude somehow failed to comfort it was a little too much like trying to shuffle a soft-shoe clog on a new grave. Nancy had been unreasonable. Nancy had said or hadn't denied that she wasn't sure she loved him any more. He had released her from the engagement and told her good-by.

"Mr. Vane asked me to drive with him, and I came. Won't won't you come in, Mr. Vane?" "No, thanks," said Austen, "I'm afraid I have to go back to Ripton." "Good-by, and thank you," she said, and gave him her hand. As he pressed it, he thought he felt the slightest pressure in return, and then she fled up the steps.