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She sat down by me as I lay, and began to read from Tennyson's Lotus-Eaters. But it was not reading it was rather a soft dreamy chant, which rose and fell like the waves of sound on an AEolian harp.

Each sinful form stretched wildly forth to meet them each ear hung aching on them each glistening eye lived on them, and every heart panted and quivered as this great Christian swept his immortal harp among thieves and homicides and oppressors in that sad house of God. "What did you think of the sermon, Fry?" Fry. Liked the first part, sir, where he walked into thieving.

And, at that, she was at once very gentle; and full of a sweet and winsome understanding; and surely knew that I wished to be rested; for she brought out her harp, and played me dear olden melodies of our childhood-days all that evening; and so had my love for her the more intent and glad.

Death!".. and a quick sigh escaped him "'Twill be the breaking of my harp and heart! ... the last note of my failing voice and eversilenced song!" A moisture as of tears glistened on the silky fringe of his eyelids, his lips quivered, he had the look of a Narcissus regretfully bewailing his own perishable loveliness.

Orpheus had said, before he came into the wood, that he was tired of men and their quarrels; that wild beasts were easier to tame than angry men; and so he found it during these two days in the forest. He took his harp and played and sang a sweet, wild song of love and peace, and overhead the leaves and branches of the oaks danced for joy of living.

He didn't appear to care much about sifting the matter thoroughly. In fact, he seemed anxious to get on with his speech, and slur the matter over. But, tactlessly perhaps, I continued rather to harp on the thing. I said that the book in which the story had appeared was published in 1889.

Hogan, overwhelmed by the magnitude of his master's misfortune, and realizing that it was due in no small degree to his own neglect, was now self-exiled from the lieutenant's roof, and seeking such consolation as he could find at the Harp of Erin outside the walls, a miserable and contrite man, contrite, that is to say, as manifested in the manner of his country, for Hogan was pottle deep in his distress.

Tell the story of Æneas and Dido. 4. What myth is alluded to in 'his word is more than the miraculous harp'? 5. Gonzalo's Commonwealth its origin from Montaigne. It is commonly supposed that Shakespeare must have borrowed this reference from the translation. He may have taken it directly from the French. 6. Show the bearing of Sebastian's phrase, 'I am standing water, with its context.

Shortly afterward, a boy who had been playing truant and the Jews' harp at the same time, in a subdued and melancholy way under the window, and who had, doubtless, been bribed to undertake his present commission through some extraordinary means, entered the school-room, and laid on my desk a note from the auburn-haired fisherman.

Behind the harp there is a wire lattice door, the purpose of which seems to be to protect the instrument against the attempts of robbers or the indiscreet contact of tourists. The Æolian harp has often inspired both writers of prose and poetry. Chateaubriand, in Les Natchez, compares its sounds to the magic concerts that the celestial vaults resound.