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No other American compares with him, and I know of no other, in English at least, who has made a contribution in these fields equal to his. Throughout these eight or ten volumes he proves himself to be one of those rare writers who see what they write.

The gradual strengthening of the social bond by the practise of self-restraint in the interests of society he called the ethical process, and he showed that social progress means a checking of the cosmic process at every step and the substitution of this ethical process. This action he compares to that of a gardener in clearing a patch of waste ground.

This is practically admitted by Christian scholars, and I am ready to maintain it in discussion with Mr. Blomfield. Mr. Blomfield talks very freely, in conclusion, about the "fruits" of Christianity and Secularism. He even condescends to personal comparisons, which I warn him are dangerous. He compares Spurgeon with Bradlaugh.

If we accept war as a possibility, the most humane weapon is that which leads to a decision with the smallest amount of human suffering and death. Judged from this standpoint, gas compares favourably with other weapons during the period when both sides were fully equipped for offence and defence.

As in music we have succeeded in discovering the simplest relations, which please immediately and absolutely we know not why so this must be attempted in all branches of the theory of art. Herbart enumerates five such primary Ideas or fundamental judgments of conscience. The Idea of inner freedom compares the will with the judgment, the conviction, the conscience of the agent himself.

Of all processes of aeration in bread-making, the oldest and most time-honored mode is by fermentation. That this was known in the days of our Saviour is evident from the forcible simile in which he compares the silent permeating force of truth in human, society to the very familiar household process of raising bread by a little yeast.

A later notion of balancethe Steelyard, a small weight on the long arm of the fulcrum, admitting great range in the placement of balancing measures. The Scales or Steelyard in perspective, developing the notion of balance through the depth of a picture discoverable over a fulcrum or neutral space. Of all pictorial principles none compares in importance with Unity or Balance.

That naive adage which compares the sharp sting which passion drives into our breasts to the spurring given the flanks of a horse, was not true of Dorsenne.

He adorns his description of the holy places and of the pilgrimage-rites with the unctuous phrases used in handbooks for the hajji, and he does not disturb the mind of the pious reader by any historical criticism of the traditions connected with the House of Allah, the Black Stone, and the other sanctuaries, but he loses no opportunity to show his dislike of all superstition; sometimes, as if to prevent Western readers from indulging in mockery, he compares Meccan rites or customs with superstitious practices current amongst Jews or Christians of today.

One enthusiastic traveller compares it to a pearl set in sapphires and emeralds, but adds lest we should all be running to hug the jewel there is little art here and less society. "Letters of exchange are the only belles-lettres." Indeed.