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Not only did she listen; she became absorbed; it was romance to her, fulfilment of her vague dreams. Nor did she seek her tent till he ceased; then with a startled "good-night" she was gone. From under the snugness of his warm blankets Jack watched out the last wakeful moments of that day of days. A star peeped through the fringe of cedar foliage.

The next moment we had surged forward, and were swaying to and fro in the midst of the crowd. What ensued I cannot tell. The outlook, so far as I was concerned, was limited to wildly plunging horses we were in the centre of the band and riders swaying in the saddle with a glimpse here and there of a fringe of white scowling faces and tossing arms.

Again, head down and hurriedly, he came on. On through the thinning fringe of shadow and into the full bright moonlight. A sudden formless fear which in no way could she explain was upon her. His actions were so strange; they hinted at furtiveness. He had been so outright and hearty and wholesome a moment ago and now struck her as anything but the big free and easy man who had supped with her.

After a brief rest, the power of active thought revived a little, and Dan, again raising himself on one elbow, tried to rouse himself to the necessity of immediate action of some sort if his life was to be saved. The spot on which he had lain, or rather fallen down, on the preceding night happened to be the fringe of the forest where it bordered on an extensive plain or stretch of prairie land.

The mountain was throwing up sheets of flame, amid which appeared huge masses of rock and stones, while over our heads came down a shower of light ashes. Already a fringe of flame surrounded the mountain. It was the jungle which had caught fire, and was blazing furiously. The bright glare of the flames was reflected on the trees on one hand, making the night as bright as day.

Perchance my face is but as thy heart fashions it, or as my will presents it to the sight and fancy of its beholders. But hark! The scouts have touched." As Ayesha spoke a sound of distant shouting was borne upon the wind, and presently we saw a fringe of horsemen falling back slowly upon our foremost line. It was only to report, however, that the skirmishers of Atene were in full retreat.

What a blending of confused sentiments, of powerful sympathies, of vague apprehensions, suddenly seized on the breast of the young Countess! One can hardly imagine their force to the very verge of distracting her. She turned on her fauteuil and closed her beautiful eyes, as if to keep back the tears which rolled under the fringe of the long lashes.

Though it seemed that half the day had wheeled by already, by seven o'clock we rode a-field, and the less experienced of us were hard at it, tossing up bundles to the loaders, who placed them swiftly here and there till the waggons were packed tight and piled high. I pitched up bundles from below, to an old man of sixty, who wore a fringe of grey beard, like a Mennonite.

But there is another way of arriving at the same end, which is open to many planters, and that is by collecting top soil from the fringe of jungle commonly left round the plantation, or from the uncultivated jungle of the estate, or from adjacent pieces of jungle land. And such pieces of land varying from ten to twenty acres can commonly be purchased, and can be used to supply top soil.

In front was a small lawn, girt round with a thin fringe of haggard and ill grown beeches, all gnarled and withered from the effects of the sea-spray. Behind lay the scattered hamlet of Branksome-Bere a dozen cottages at most inhabited by rude fisher-folk who looked upon the laird as their natural protector.