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Reading some letters from Robert, Earl of Essex, to Lady Rich, his sister, the handsome, fascinating, and disreputable Penelope Devereaux, he notes, in their humorous melancholy and discontent with mankind, something in tone and even language which suggests the weak and fantastic side of Hamlet's mind, and asks if the poet may not have conceived his character of Hamlet from Essex, and of Horatio from Southampton, his friend and patron.

Equally so in every way does it apply to the Dramatic Art, which minus its acting, its gestures in a word, its Pantomime we have nothing but, to quote Hamlet, "Words, words, words."

The professional game must always be confined to the larger towns, but every hamlet may have its amateur team, and let us see to it that their games are encouraged. On account of the associations by which a professional game of base-ball was supposed to be surrounded, it was for a long time thought not a proper sport for the patronage of ladies.

Let Bachelors of Arts, on our parchments, suggest to us our duty to aid, through our example, as well as by words, in breaking this dreadful yoke, bidding those innocent young women who are now, perhaps, fearfully looking at us as their future oppressors, to be forever free. In the language of young Hamlet: 'I say, we will have no more marriages."

We encamped near the hamlet of Saihon, where, though there was no appearance of a mosque, there was not only a mollah but a doctor. The former was so free from fanaticism as to send us a present of a lamb. The inhabitants were very friendly to us, and let us go into their houses and watch their occupations.

That is why they will never be quoted like Hamlet and my Uncle Toby and Sam Weller. But how wonderful they are in their environment of the unusual! How wonderful as seen in the light of the strange eyes of their creator! Conrad wins his laurels as a writer of novels.

I determined to chance traveling on the beach by night. So at 12 o'clock the day after our arrival at Cajio we mounted our horses and announced that we were returning to Havana. Two miles away, at the small hamlet of Zoringa, we put our horses out and struck for the beach about four miles west of Cajio.

"Yes, sir, he kept foolin' with his duty, and it taught me not to." "Did your father tell you to say that?" "No, sir." "I thought the great example of Lincoln had influenced you?" "It did." "Have you read 'Hamlet'?" "Yes, sir, I have." "Did he live, too?" "Yes, sir everybody lives that was ever wrote about."

Preparation for ordination had become Patteson's immediate object. As has been already said, his work was marked out. There was a hamlet of the parish of Ottery St. Mary, at a considerable distance from the church and town, and named Alfington. Some time previously, the family of Sir John Kennaway had provided the place with a school, which afterwards passed into the hands of Mr.

But we heard later that little Claudis, my aunt's youngest-born, a volunteer not nineteen, died at it. If we had known, we should not have gone up and lit the bonfire." This woman, who had been born in that time of famine and flame, was the happiest creature in the whole hamlet of the Berceau.