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When a very little child, Nurse had excused ungovernable fits of rage with the injudicious words, "Poor lamb, she can't help herself!" The sisters, older or younger, yielded to Polly, partly because of a certain fascination which she exercised over them, for she was extremely brilliant and quick of idea, and partly because they did not want her to get into what they called her tantrums.

When we first clapped hands on him he gave a start, for we had come upon him sudden, without noise. He just tried to shake us off, not knowing, I reckon, who we were; but as soon as I said, 'In the King's name, you are my prisoner, he was just as quiet as a lamb." The solicitor sat down. Then the chairman asked the witness if any arms were found on the prisoner. "No, sir." "Not even a stick?"

It seemed as if God had forsaken me in this dark hour; and the Tempter whispered, that after all I might be only the victim of a delusion. My prayers for faith and strength seemed all in vain. But this morning I enjoy peace, and feel as though I could face anything. Though I am as a lamb in the shambles, yet do I cry, "Thy will be done," and can indeed say,

But it was a difficulty which mamma, with a little explanation, got over very easily; and before the little ones went to bed, they quite understood that in restraining themselves from teazing and being troublesome, they were not only not being "tiresome," but were actually obeying several Gospel rules. "Had I a little son, I would christen him NOTHING-TO-DO." CHARLES LAMB.

He had to the full the courage of his lack of convictions. To a young man so untrammelled by prejudice it was self-evident that helpless philanthropists like Orlando G. Spence were just as much the natural diet of the strong as the lamb is of the wolf.

"Be slow to take a drink from him." "Thomas, my boy, you 're an angel. I recognise that more and more every day, but bid me do anything else but that. That I refuse: it 's against nature;" and Sadness looked more mournful than ever. "Trust old Sadness to do his part," said the portly proprietor; and Thomas went back to the lamb. "Nothin' doin' so early," he said; "let 's go an' have a drink."

What has this poor lamb done that you bring this misery upon her? I will unravel the meshes of these intrigues. I will burst asunder these iron chains of prejudice. Stay, oh, stay! Whither are you going? Father! Mother! He deserts us in this fearful hour! The president is coming hither? He will ill-use my child! He will ill-use us all, and yet, major, you are going to leave us. Leave us.

The woods seemed very dark by that time, as they half pulled, half carried the lamb homeward. Darker still it grew. Howls could be heard in the distance. The children hurried on. Suddenly a wolf barked on their very trail. They were then within sight of the house, but with horror they saw that the gate was closed. The hastening wolf had caught the scent of the lamb.

The moment the tipsy-topsy-turvy feeling stopped, the cook opened her eyes, gave one sounding screech and shut them again, and Anthea took the opportunity to get the desperately howling Lamb into her own arms. 'It's all right, she said; 'own Panther's got you. Look at the trees, and the sand, and the shells, and the great big tortoises. Oh DEAR, how hot it is!

Dost thou remember, when we went in a frolic to hear Father Clement preach, or rather to see this fair heretic, that he spoke as touchingly as a minstrel about the rich man taking away the poor man's only ewe lamb?" "A great matter, indeed," answered Sir John, "that this churl's wife's eldest son should be fathered by the Prince of Scotland!