An' where is he now?" None attempted a guess, looking blankly into each others' faces, and down upon the ghastly features of the dead man. We were all accustomed to death, and in terrible form, but this was different, this held a horror all its own. I could hear the heavy breathing, we stood so motionless.

I saw that she had them now at last, "w-h-a-l-e," but was regarding them as blankly as ever. "Pray do not move them again," I cried hopefully, finding the game more exciting than I had anticipated. "You have it, 'w-h-a-l-e, whale see?" Miss Pray looked shocked and dubious.

Edmund gasped once or twice, and then ran into the cave to tell the cockatrice. "Well," said the cockatrice thoughtfully, when the tale had been told. "What then?" "I don't think you quite understand," said Edmund gently. "The dragon has swallowed up the town." "Does it matter?" said the cockatrice. "But I live there," said Edmund blankly.

"Opera!" said Paula blankly, as if she had never heard of such a thing. "No, I want him to see if he can fix this beastly piano they've given me so that it's fit to work with." And John, after a moment-laughed. It was a shattering sort of laugh to Mary. She stared at the man who uttered it as if he were what he had for the moment become a stranger.

The tears that stood in old Shiner's eyes dashed away at the brush of a sleeve. A light of astonishment, comprehension, relief suddenly gleamed in their place. The sergeant stared for a moment, looked blankly at his men, then side-stepped for another long gaze at the new-comer's face.

Not standing, because you don't so much as try to stand on mangrove roots unless you are a born fool, and then you don't stand long, but clinging, like so many monkeys, to the net of aerial roots which surrounded us, looking blankly at a lake of ink-black slime. It was half a mile across, and some miles long.

"I never thought o' that," admitted the skipper; "still, we musn't expect to have everything our own way." "No, no," said the mate blankly, admiring the other's choice of pronouns.

"Do you suppose that is possible?" she asked. "What's possible?" "That the coal may give out?" "What if it does?" queried her chum, blankly. "Goodness me! How will they make steam if there's no fuel for the fire?" "Oh!" gasped Bess, "I never thought of that. Goodness, Nan, we'll be frozen to icicles!" "Not yet, I hope," said Nan, getting up briskly.

Why, man, she'll be spotted by the police inside of twenty-four hours!" "I expect it's about time we counted you out, anyway," answered the other, gruffly. "Plater and I have about made up our minds that you are playing a double game, and had some hand in the disappearance of the raft." "The disappearance of the raft?" exclaimed the other, blankly. "What do you mean? How did the raft disappear?

She took an enormous spoonful of sliced peaches, and stared blankly ahead of her. Ten minutes later, hearing wheels grating on the gravel at the front door, and Maurice's voice, subdued and apologetic, she pushed her chair away from the table, rushed through the pantry and up the back stairs. She didn't know why she fled.