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I think what people read by preference tells one something of what they are. I was interested to know what you read. Forgive my curiosity." She sat down by the fire, opened the fan, and held it between her face and the flames. "I read all sorts of things." "Novels?" "I very seldom read a novel now. Here is our tea. But I know you would rather have a whisky-and-soda."

Stripping off the fibre, they crush the shell with their tusks, and let the juice trickle down their throats. The position of the trunk is very graceful when they feed themselves; as it is also when they hold a branch and fan off the flies from their backs.

Bugs and bees and birds may like such places, but being a mere human being I prefer indoors." "Then we will go in. I came out here so as to be not at home if any one came up to see me." "Hiding, are you? If you don't want to see people, why see them?" She waved her turkey-wing fan inquiringly.

Coates said to Lord Mowbray; and though she never uttered a syllable, or raised her eyes, or moved the fan she held in her hand, I knew by her countenance the impression that was made on her mind: she would have scorned, on any other subject of human life or manners, to have allowed the judgment of Mrs.

The small sofa on which she had placed herself had the form to which the French give the name of causeuse; there was room on it for just another person, and Ransom asked her, with a cheerful accent, if he might sit down beside her. She turned towards him when he had done so, turned everything but her eyes, and opened and shut her fan while she waited for her fit of diffidence to pass away.

"It's a good guess, though, Polly. I counted seven new white ones this morning." "That's a strange coincidence," commented Constance, with a secretly anxious glance at his hair. "You're just seven hours behind your schedule." Johnny shook his head. "That schedule goes round like an electric fan," he soberly declared. "And there's no switch," Constance reminded him.

She swooped down and up with a flying curve of grace, holding her prey caught; and then, catching also her handsome skirts on either side, she danced like a whirling fan among the empty chairs. XVIII: Again the Replacers

Do you suppose I can seriously listen to you? You are simply crazy!" Madame de Bellegarde gave a rap with her fan in the palm of her hand. "If you don't take it you can leave it, sir. It matters very little what you do. My daughter has given you up." "She doesn't mean it," Newman declared after a moment. "I think I can assure you that she does," said the marquis.

And from time to time her rage would rise to a kind of frenzy, and find expression in a voice strangely harsh and unnatural, deeper than a man's, and then suddenly rising to a shrill piercing key that startled Fan and made her tremble.

He is my dearest and closest friend Stafford Orme, as I always call him and think of him; of course I am speaking of Lord Highcliffe." The problem was solved: he saw her face suddenly flush, and then as suddenly grow pale. So sharp had been the blow, its effect so overwhelming, that her fan fell from her hand.