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I will gladly take this pie to Mrs. Wibblewobble," and off through the woods Uncle Wiggily started with it. He soon reached the duck lady's house, and Mrs. Wibblewobble was very glad indeed to get the piece of Nurse Jane's pie. "I'll save a bit for Lulu and Alice, my two little duck girls," said Mrs. Wibblewobble. "Why, aren't they home?" asked Uncle Wiggily.

It would be a sad thing if it did not. Will you have some of this rabbit pie?" I accepted the pie, for I did not care what I had. "Then your business is done?" I said, in some surprise. His business could hardly have any connection with Annas, in that case. It must be real business something that concerned his father.

The heat will cook it sufficiently, but it can be browned a moment in the oven. If to be kept a day, do not make the frosting till just before using. The whites will keep in a cold place. Orange pie can be made in the same way.

Mix together with half a teacupful of cold water, or enough to form a rather stiff dough; mix as little as possible, just enough to get it into shape to roll out; it must be handled very lightly. This rule is for two pies. When you have a little pie crust left do not throw it away; roll it thin, cut in small squares and bake. Just before tea put a spoonful of raspberry jelly on each square.

If I had two big apples, An orange or a peach. I'd give my little sister A great big bite from each. "But there is nothing here to eat Not even cherry pie. Though we had one at our house once, And some got in my eye. Oh! how I'd like a cocoanut! And watermelon, too. I'd eat two slices off the ice Now, really, wouldn't you?"

But, as I have said, I cannot see that this matter is of importance. The patch has to be hoed, the pie to be cooked; the one cannot do the both. Settle it between you, and, having settled it, agree to do each your own work free from this everlasting nagging. I know, personally, three ladies who have exchanged the woman's work for the man's.

Pinton felt the ground heave beneath him. What possible job could the man mean? What was a "glim," and what did the fellow suggest by silver plate? Then it struck him all of a sudden. Heavens! he was taken for a burglar by a burglar. His presence in the pie pantry had been misinterpreted by a cracksman; and he, the harmless organist of Dr.

She had little notebooks filled with rules for Parisian pastry, Hindu recipes for curry; foreign dishes with modern American improvements. Joyously she learned to make custard pie. This, as the tumultous future proved, was indicative.

And out of the middle of the earth, as it seemed to us, rose the pie very much mixed up and damaged; and, after it, scrambled Harris tumbled, grubby, and wet. He had been sitting, without knowing it, on the very verge of a small gully, the long grass hiding it from view; and in leaning a little back he had shot over, pie and all.

These as I remember were trousers, long-legged boots, two pieces of pie, to sit up in the evening and never to go to school again; for I was always driven to bed and went unwillingly to my books. Many were the subterfuges by which I escaped my lessons, a lost book or a headache; and how I rejoiced in the storms which made it impossible to send me the long mile through snow or rain.