She sat back against the cushions and gasped a sigh of relief. She had run it rather close, but now, glancing down at her wrist-watch, she realised that, failing a block in the traffic, she would catch her train fairly easily. It was after they had entered the Park that the first contre-temps occurred. The taxi jibbed and came abruptly to a standstill. Nan let down the window and leaned out.

"It would have been all right if only t' big field had gone off t' same time before t' wind. But somehow there were a big block held up by t' Islands, and t' western ice just came and hit it clip! It must have been all up with us right there but for t' northeast current, and that took our vessel like a nutshell and whisked her away in t' heavy slob as if to carry her along the Labrador coast.

The trouble was, Neighbor said, they didn't amount to anything, or were impossible. "It's a dead block, boys," announced Neighbor sullenly after everybody had done. "We are beaten unless we can get Number One through to-day. Look there: by the holy poker, it's snowing again." The air was dark in a minute with whirling clouds. Men turned to the windows and quit talking.

They put on their most dangerous man, whose ball had a trick of coming down just six inches in front of the block, and then, having escaped the attention of the batsman, of coming perilously near the wicket. His attack compelled the most watchful defence, and hardly allowed the chance of a run.

He opened the door, alighted, glanced up at a rather imposing block of flats, and said to the driver: "Is this 1000 West 59th Street?" "Yes, sir. Quite a bunch of people live here," was the answer. "I take it, then, that the lady I wish to see occupies one of the flats?" The driver smiled broadly, for it seemed to him that the naïve statement sounded rather funny.

Mackintosh, the first mate, rallied the men, and contrived to fix a block and strap to the still smoking stump of the foremast; a rope was rove through the block, and the main-topgallant sail hoisted, so that the vessel might run faster before the gale, and answer her helm better than she did.

She told him she had paid her fare, but for some reason, perhaps because he was tired at the end of a long run, perhaps because he saw some one else he suspected of being a spotter, he elected not to believe her. "When did you pay it?" he demanded. "A block back," she said, "when all those other people got on." "You didn't pay it to me," he said truculently. "Come along!

The ground wasn't drenched very much, and we could have done some work, anyhow. But it's too late now." Thad was on the way home from school on Wednesday afternoon when he said this. He had hastened and overtaken the other a block or so away from the campus. Already the rain had stopped. Mr.

You shouldn't have done it, yet how can I be sore at you!" "That's right," said Uncle Denny. "You can't be! Oh, I tell you, I feel about you as I do about Ireland! I'm aching for some blundering fool to say something that I may knock his block off! When are you going back?" "Tonight," replied Jim. "Come up to the hotel and talk while I pack. I can't wait an hour on the flood.

You are to hurry before Blenham gets there he's across the street at the saloon already. After his money, I guess; next thing, unless you block his play, he'll be standing over poor old dad's bed, bullyragging him. Come alive, Steve Packard, and beat him to it." And with the last words she had started her car, after Terry's way of starting anything, with a leap.