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"These entertainments they have nowadays. Spend all the money out of town band from Indianapolis, chicken salad and darkey waiters from Chicago! And what I want to know is, What's this town goin' to do about the nigger question?" "What about it?" asked Mr. Davey, belligerently. "What about it?" Mr. Arp mocked, fiercely. "You better say, 'What about it?" "Well, what?" maintained Mr.

"Has the Dragon returned?" asked Jaspar. "Yes, sar, jus got in, Massa." "Is there any person in the house who went up in her?" "Yes, massa, one gemman in de office." "Who is he?" "Massa massa " and the darkey scratched his head, to stimulate his memory, which act instantly brought the name to his mind. "Massa Lousey." "Mister what, you black scoundrel!" "Yes, sar, Massa Lousey; dat's de name."

Jack will be mad enough to knock you down," he added, when he stood face to face with the overseer. "Why Mr. Marcy, I had no thought of playing the part of a sneak," protested the man. "I couldn't make head or tail of what the darkey tried to tell me, but I knew there was something going on in the creek, and thought it my duty to come down and take a look at things. I didn't know you was here."

"Yes; you'll look mighty sick when yo' hab to pay it, too." From the judge's stand rang out the silvery notes of a quavering bugle-call, and Holton smiled unpleasantly. "The call to th' post," said he, "an' whar's your jockey?" "He'll be here on time," said Frank, voicing a confidence which it was hard for him to feel. He turned, then, to the darkey. "Neb, bring out Queen Bess."

The look of fright which shone on his black features, was woeful as he struck for the shore, yelling: "'Taint mine; 'taint mine, sah; it's de kunnel's, 'taint mine." When within four feet of the shore, he sprang out, leaving the dugout to drift. Not wishing to frighten the darkey into the loss of his boat, Paul pulled in and ran it up on the bank.

"But couldn't you hire some good workers?" "Niggers won't work. Now if we had Italians we might do it." "Yes, and in a few years they'd own the country." "That's right; so there we are. There's only one way to get that swamp cleared." "How?" "Sell it to some fool darkey." "Sell it? It's too valuable to sell." "That's just it. You don't understand.

Rivers, I know I drink, and then I'm not responsible, but how could I say to that poor old darkey what I don't mind I said yesterday?" "Well, you may chance to remember," said Rivers; "at least I have done my duty in warning you."

"Yas, suh, an' ain't all dat sense wuth er quarter?" Jasper began to grabble into his pocket, when Margaret spoke up: "Jasper, don't give that nigger no money. He won't do a thing I tell him to." Starbuck gave him a piece of silver, and with a look of deep injury the darkey turned to Margaret. "Now, Miss Mar'get, whut you all time come er flatter me datter way fur?

The darkey jumped off the other cart and ran into the woods, and as this mule started to run, Mrs. Modlin, turned a back somersault off the back end of the cart and followed the darkey; the mule running against a tree beside the road, demolished the cart and spilled the goods in a most promiscuous manner.

"Halloo, nigger! come, turn this grindstone." "Come, come! move, move! and bowse this timber forward." "I say, darkey, blast your eyes, why don't you heat up some pitch?" "Halloo! halloo! halloo!" Go there! Hold on where you are! D n you, if you move, I'll knock your brains out!" Such, dear reader, is a glance at the school which was mine, during, the first eight months of my stay at Baltimore.

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