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He looks just like our kind of folks, the college kind, that's brought up among books, and is handling 'em, and reading of 'em, and making of 'em, as like as not, all their lives. All that you say about his riding the mad colt is just what I should think he was up to, for he's as spry as a squirrel; you ought to see him go over that fence, as I did once.

At Guayaquil there was another delay of a fortnight, owing to a mutiny attempted by Captains Guise and Spry, whose treacherous disposition has already been mentioned. Not till the middle of December was he able to escape from the troubles brought upon him by others, and to return to work worthy of his great name and character.

Spry little boat she is; how many knots can ye get out of her now? Not that I am curious." "About twelve knots." "And when the steam's off the bile, how many can you sail? Not that it is my business." "Eight or nine. What is your business?" "Hum! You have been over some water looking for that gal. Where do ye hail from last?" "The Society Islands. Did you board me to hear me my catechism?"

"You were always a mighty spry man," assented the skipper coolly, "but spry men, I take it, make mistakes from being too almighty smart." Braddock shrugged his shoulders, and Don Pedro intervened. "This is all beside the point," he remarked angrily. "Captain Hervey, do you deny that you are Gustav Vasa in the face of this evidence?"

"Now Mr. Mink was small and spry, and his wits were as nimble as his feet. He saw all that was going on about him, and he was wise enough to keep his tongue still, so that it never got him into trouble as gossipy tongues do some people I know." Peter Rabbit fidgeted uneasily. It seemed to him that Grandfather Frog had looked at him very hard when he said this.

He turned tail and ran for his life; and he was so spry, though he was quite a fat, elderly gentleman, that he reached his hole and whisked down out of sight just as Tommy was about to seize him. Tommy was disappointed. But he was determined to get that woodchuck, and he began to dig away at Mr. Woodchuck's hole. You see, Mr.

"I've see worse coves nor you!" said he, "and one good turn desarvin' another lie snug all day, and travel by night, and keep to the byroads this ain't no common case, there'll be a thousand pound on your 'ead afore the week's out so look spry, my cove!" saying which, he nodded, turned upon his heel, and strode away, cursing to himself.

I'm Brother John McMurdo, Lodge 29, Chicago. Bodymaster J.H. Scott. But I am in luck to meet a brother so early." "Well, there are plenty of us about. You won't find the order more flourishing anywhere in the States than right here in Vermissa Valley. But we could do with some lads like you. I can't understand a spry man of the union finding no work to do in Chicago."

Then she could run about camp climb out and in the wagons, and move about so spry that she reminded one of a quail. Now she was strangely misshapen. Her limbs had lost all the flesh and seemed nothing but skin and bones, while her body had grown corpulent and distended, and her face had a starved pinched and suffering look, with no healthy color in it.

And with the point of his stick he drove the six men on the bench so close together as to give me an excellent seat. "Thrice welcome, noble he-ro, as Perry Thomas says!" shouted Aaron Kallaberger, thrusting his hand into his bosom in excellent imitation of the orator. "He's lookin' pretty spry yet, ain't he, boys?" said Isaac Bolum.

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