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In its place was the regimental gig, manned by George's best friends. Its steersman was Colonel Vavasour, drest in the fanciful aquatic costume his regiment had adopted. Trifling as this may appear, this act of his Colonel, seemed to George the very highest compliment that had ever been paid him.

In his own kitchen was his master-cook, daily drest in velvet or satin, and wearing a gold chain.

The next year I sometimes caught a mess of fish for my dinner, and once I went so far as to slaughter a woodchuck which ravaged my beanfield effect his transmigration, as a Tartar would say and devour him, partly for experiment's sake; but tho it afforded me a momentary enjoyment, notwithstanding a musky flavor, I saw that the longest use would not make that a good practise, however it might seem to have your woodchucks ready drest by the village butcher.

During a part of the time, the female relations of each of the consecrated company, after having bathed, anointed, and drest themselves in their finest apparel, stood, in two lines opposite the door, and facing each other.

"You cannot like, and you ought not to dislike what you have never seen. Once more, you must not call her the cat-woman!" "What are we to call her then, please?" "Lady Mara." "That is a pretty name!" said a girl; "I will call her 'lady Mara'; then perhaps she will show me her beautiful face!" Mara, drest and muffled in white, was indeed standing in the doorway to receive us. "At last!" she said.

The day but one after I received a reply signed Frederick, acknowledging the receipt of my letter, and saying I should find him at four o'clock that day in the gardens at Sans Souci. As my readers may imagine, I was delighted at having obtained a rendezvous, and arrived at the palace an hour before the appointed time very simply drest in black.

They punctually obeyed my directions; but when we were to assemble in the morning at breakfast, down came my wife and daughters, drest out in all their former splendour: their hair plaistered up with pomatum, their faces patched to taste, their trains bundled up into an heap behind, and rustling at every motion.

They come down the hill, drest in their hose, with their gay saddles, and their girths wet. Before they get upon the plain ground let us give them the points of our lances; and Ramon Berenguer will then see whom he has overtaken to-day in the pine-forest of Tebar, thinking to despoil him of booty won from the enemies of God and of the faith."

Never was a poor little country village infested with such a variety of queer, strangely drest, oddly behaved mortals, most of whom took upon themselves to be important agents of the world's destiny, yet were simply bores of a very intense water.

When immediately a cock was brought in, and Trimalchio, commanding to have him drest he was torn in pieces by that exquisite cook, who a little before had make us fish and fowl of a hog, and put in a stew-pan, and while Daedalus was taking a lusty draught, Fortunata ground pepper. After which Trimalchio taking some of the banquet, bid the waiters go to supper, and let others supply their places.