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"And you are a fool for having said anything about it," said a voice from the top of the stairs. "Why should you meddle with what does not concern you?"

"Oh, see here, now," said the other, "it's all very well for you to meddle with my own affairs; but you are now forcing yourself into the midst of the concerns of others the business affairs of two great estates. I must attend to this alone." "Mon cher," said the lady, with unalterable placidity, "business is not one of your strong points.

You ask a girl of twelve years if she is not too tightly dressed, and the reply is "no;" and the mother is sure to argue that if the girl does not complain it is none of the father's business to meddle.

Merchison stared at her for a long while, and indeed when she was angry Jane was beautiful enough to make any one stare, then he said simply, "Oh, indeed. I don't meddle with politics, so I didn't know." This was too much for Jane, who, afraid to trust herself to further speech, walked straight out of the cottage.

The King himself seemed unusually embarrassed at the silence around him. "You are pensive, Dunois," he said. "You disapprove of our giving way to this hot headed Envoy." "By no means," said Dunois; "I meddle not with matters beyond my sphere. I was thinking of asking a boon of your Majesty." "A boon, Dunois what is it? You are an unfrequent suitor, and may count on our favour."

"If I did not, sir, I wouldn't meddle with a book like that, forgery or no forgery! You should see the quantities of old print I've destroyed in learning how to save such books! This is no vile body to experiment upon!" "Mr. Lestrange, you may trust that man!" said the curate.

Many was the time as I've sworn with a big ugly oath as I'd set Grip at them, when they came up and plagued me and wanted to meddle with my goods. But there weren't no need for it now. Yet I stuck out for all that, and talked it over with the keepers of the beer- shops; and we all agreed as it were a great nuisance setting up this new school and reading-room.

But Timoleon, after he had justly punished his brother, a truly heroic action, let his reason yield to a causeless sorrow, and, humiliated with grief and remorse, forbore for twenty years to appear in any public place, or meddle with any affairs of the commonwealth.

To say, as has been said not long since, that a young divinity student is as competent to deal with the latter as an old physician is to meddle with the former, suggests the idea that wisdom is not an heirloom in the family of the one who says it.

As the Princess held the white piglet in her arms and stroked its soft hair she said: "Let Eureka out of the cage, for she is no longer a prisoner, but our good friend. Where did you find my missing pet, Nick Chopper?" "In a room of the palace," he answered. "Justice," remarked the Scarecrow, with a sigh, "is a dangerous thing to meddle with.