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Despot as he was, the sultan was much moved; he was mortified at having yielded to his temper, and his passionate affection for me had returned. He intreated my pardon, shed tears over me, kissed my swelled feet, and humiliated himself so much, that my heart relented for I loved him dearly still. "Zara," exclaimed he, at last, "will you not forgive me?"

When he grew big and strong, he forgot the colleagues of his early days, ignored their past services, and humiliated them with the cold eye of forgetfulness." "I soon saw that, if he had not actually forgotten me, he would very much rather not be asked to remember me."

"I have been so worried, so anxious, hoping from day to day that you would write to reassure me that Boots did not recognise me with my back turned to him and my muff across my eyes. "But scared and humiliated as I am I realise that it was well that he knocked. Even as I write to you here in my own room, behind locked doors, I am burning with the shame of it.

The pirates sailed on until they were out of danger, and then they anchored and arranged for putting on shore the greater number of their prisoners, who were only an encumbrance to them. As a parting insult, Morgan fired seven or eight of his largest guns at the castle, whose humiliated occupants did not reply by a single shot.

He would have told her why he said these words; he could not now. Some men are like wolves in traps, and die without a moan. Barton could die, and smile back into the face of his slayer, and say no word. Night was now deepening in the woods, with the haughty maiden, and high, proud and humiliated youth, walking still side by side through its shadows.

When he shall have compromised you, he will abandon you. Next year people will say of you: 'She is not at all exclusive. I am sorry for your father; he is one of my friends, and will know of your behavior. You can not expect to deceive him." She listened, humiliated but consoled, thinking how she would have suffered had she found him generous. In his simplicity he sincerely disdained her.

It was the Channel Fleet which had just left the English coast by Government order, sailing around simply to show its strength. Seeing this procession of dreadnoughts for the first time, Desnoyers was reminded of a flock of marine monsters, and gained a better idea of the British power. The German ship passed among them, shrinking, humiliated, quickening its speed.

But she would not promise she would not talk of marrying him. . . . And cried herself to sleep over the memory of Berkley, and his vileness, and his heartless wickedness, and his ignoble love that had left her so ashamed, so humiliated, so cruelly crushed for ever. And all night long she dreamed of Berkley and of his blessed nearness; and the sweetness of her dream troubled her profoundly.

Ignominiously stowed away in a back yard I saw an old friend that always brought many reflections to my mind when exhibited on the sidewalk a coop of chickens. The most humiliated of all my old acquaintances a dominiquer rooster had his head up through the slats to explain the situation. "Here's a pretty howdy do!" he remarked. "What sort of treatment is this?

But what was I to do? I felt humiliated, conspicuous, everything that is painful and disagreeable; but strike my colors in the face of the enemy? Never! Nettie and Sophie had them, too, but that was no consolation for the shame I suffered by such a display so totally distasteful to me. How I wished myself away, and chafed at my folly, and hated myself for being there, and every one for seeing me.