Price has been chopping wood, pausing occasionally to stare off through the purple haze at the south shoulder of Coniston Mountain. "How be you, Jethro?" says Mr. Price, nasally. "D-Democrats are talkin' some of namin' you Moderator next meetin'," says the man in the coonskin cap. "Want to know!" ejaculates Mr. Price, dropping the axe and straightening up in amazement. For Mr.

The pony an' the Black Dog goes over on their heads. "Dave rides in, an' brings the blanket an' war-bunnit. Even then, the female towerist, which is the object of the meetin', don't seem informed none of the course of events. The fact is, she never does acquire the rights of it till we-alls is two days back on the return trail. "Thar's no more bother.

MacNutt seemed to follow her line of flashing thought, for he emitted a short bark of a laugh and said: "It's pretty small, this world, isn't it? I guessed that we'd be meetin' again before I'd swung round the circle!" "Where are we going?" she demanded, trying to lash her disordered and straggling thoughts into coherence. "We're goin' to the neatest and completest poolroom in all Manhattan!"

"Why," said Margaret, "you didn't tell us yistidy at meetin'." "Wall, I had suthin' else on my mind at the time. When things git to pushin' around in my mind, I jest let one thing crowd out another." "Fell down and broke her hip," Margaret mused aloud. "Yes'm. Runnin' fitten to kill herse'f at the time.

Jimmy says to Pa, he says, 'Come along, Joe, I got the greatest bunch of murd-erers of English into the club you ever seen, he says, 'and tonight the Honorable Wallace Fixem, Minister of Public Works, is going to attend our inaggeral meetin', he says, 'and give us a spiel. "And my Pa says, 'How much are you gettin' out of it, Jimmy? he says.

He cut a pigeon-wing, twirled around with an imaginary banjo, and sang in a quaint minor: Did you ever see the devil, With his pitchfork and ladle, And his old iron shovel, And his old gourd head? O, I will go to meetin', And I will go to meetin', Yes, I will go to meetin', In an old tin pan.

'Father'll want to be on hand, says he." Mr. Oldfield pushed back his cup, and then his chair. He bent his keen blue eyes upon her. "Town meetin' this time o' year?" said he. "What for?" "Oh, it's about the celebration. Old Mr. Eaton" "What Eaton?" "William W." "He that went away in war time, an' made money in wool? Old War-Wool Eaton?" Nicholas nodded, at her assent, and his look blackened.

Yes Madam, that was all on John Beck's farm except the flax and the big wooley sheep. Plenty of nice clean flax-cloth suits we all had. "Beck wasn't so good but we had enough to eat, wear, and could have our Saturday afternoon to go to town, and Sunday for church. We sho did have church, large meetin' camp meetin' with lot of singin' an shoutin' and it was fine!

Mouser, ma'am, for the honour of the meetin', and more particular for the pleasure of making your young lady's acquaintance niece, ma'am? daughter, ma'am? granddaughter, by Jove, is it? Hallo! there, mild 'n, I say, stop packin'. This was to the ill-favoured person with the broken nose.

Wall, he wuz a noble lookin' man as I ever see, fur or near, and as good a one as they make, he wuz strong and tender, so I couldn't blame 'em. And though I wouldn't want Josiah to hear me say too much about it, or mebby it would be best that he shouldn't, before I had been there 24 hours I begun to feel some as they did. But my feelin's wuz strictly in a meetin' house sense, strictly.