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Do you reckon they are takin' them fellers down there to feed 'em, to fatten 'em up and then turn 'em loose? Hah, is that your idee? 'Zounds, madam, they are lucky to get there with their necks. And here you are lamentin' that there's nothin' at the penitentiary fitten to eat.

And last night when she kep' a sinking and sinking, and turned away her head and didn't know him no mo', it was fitten to make a body's heart break to see him climb onto the bed and lay his cheek agin hern and call her so pitiful and she not answer.

"Miss Maud, don't you reckon dat ef Moses had a-save' up money enough to a-boughtened his freedom, dat'd a-been de wery sign mos' pleasin' to Gawd dat he 'uz highly fitten to be sot free widout paying?" To that puzzle she waited for no answer beyond the distress I betrayed, but turned to matters less speculative, and soon said good night. On the third evening my!

"Why," said Margaret, "you didn't tell us yistidy at meetin'." "Wall, I had suthin' else on my mind at the time. When things git to pushin' around in my mind, I jest let one thing crowd out another." "Fell down and broke her hip," Margaret mused aloud. "Yes'm. Runnin' fitten to kill herse'f at the time.

"What does he think?" There was urgency in that question. "Who's he?" "Yo' brothah." "Rupert? Why, he's glad to have you here," Val answered. "Does he know 'bout " Val shook his head. "Tell him!" ordered the swamper. "Ah ain't a-goin' to stay undah his ruff lessen he knows. 'Tain't fitten." At this clean-cut statement of the laws of hospitality, Val nodded. "All right. I'll tell him.

"He don't seem to hold no edge neither, fur's I could see. It was him that was a-doin' all the guessin'. She just a-standin' pat all the time, same fer him as fer everybody else. Reckon she ain't got no beau, an' don't want none." "Beau be d d!" said his friend. "Who said anything about beau? First thing, feller's got to be fitten. Who's fitten?" "That's right," said Pinky.

Beverly in her mother's seat, Athol in his uncle's and Archie as guest. Aunt Caroline had sent up her daintiest preserves and had prepared a supper "fitten' for a queen," she averred.

In the glory of what you've done, I pardon you for all the past." "It is fitten," said Jack, simply; "fitten that I should die for the law I who have been so lawless." He turned to Margaret Adams: "You are lookin' somethin' you want to say I can tell by yo' eyes." She faltered, then slowly: "Jack, he was not my son my poor sister I could not see her die disgraced."

The boys on hosses, firin' salutes as they see it, a preacher sharp to give it dignity, en the 'Cowboy's Lament, as sung by ole Landy Spencer. That's a fitten program, en you are engaged fer the job." "En about when do ye plan to stage this splendid event?" drawled Landy. "Why, when I die, ye idiot, mebbe now, mebbe later, jist whenever I bed down fer the last time.

"Oh, I tell you," said Jasper, tugging at the buckle, "Jim ain't been preachin' ten years fur nothin'. Wall, mighty fur nothin', too; for I ricolleck that one winter all he got was a pa'r of blue jeens britches an' fo' pa'r of wool socks. And if I don't cuss this thing in a minit more I'll be about fitten to preach." "Mr. Starbuck," Mrs.