He used to work worsted, and knit some, I believe he did; but he took to growin' that spring, and I chanced to ask him to supply me with a couple o' good holders, but I found I'd touched dignity. He was dreadful put out. I suppose he was mos' too manly for me to refer to his needlework. Poor Marthy! how she laughed!

"If a mouse had jumped out, I reckon it would have scared you mos' to death." The officer's cheeks flushed red, in spite of his every effort at control; nor was he assisted by the knowledge that his men were tittering behind his back. He turned upon them sharply. "That will do," he said, and gave a brusque command: "Corporal, deploy your men and make a thorough search outside.

That author makes what the ancients call mos majorum not indeed his sole, but certainly his principal rule of policy, to guide his judgment in whatever regards our laws. Uniformity and analogy can be preserved in them by this process only.

'Knew he was lyin', Uncle Eb added with a laugh, 'I'd seen him talkin' with Bill a day er two before. 'Whew! he whistled as he looked at his big silver watch. 'I declare it's mos' one o clock They's jes' one other piece o' business if come before this meetin'. Double or single, want ye if both promise me t'be hum Crissmus. We promised. 'Now childern, said he. ''S time if go if bed.

"It ees a most fine collection, all varieties and classified most orderly," observed the professor, intent on the minerals. "Such specimens! And impossible to keep in order!" broke out the young man, meaning something entirely different. "But the oldest is a rare one, and" "Ze oldest? Yes, but there be some vich are mos' rare of dose later ones, too. But"

"I beg you will assura de miladi when she recovaire of my considerazion de mos distingue, an' convey to her de regrettas dat I haf. Miladi," he continued, addressing Ethel, "you are free, an' can go. You will not be molest by me. You sall go safe. You haf not ver far. You sall fin' houses dere forward before not far." With these words he turned away. "You mus come wit me," he said to Mrs.

It is well to keep the following table of dentition in mind when examining the mouths of animals for the purpose of determining their age. Horses Cattle Hogs Teeth Temporary Permanent Temporary Permanent Temporary Permanent Incisors: yrs. mos. yrs. mos. mos.

But Ca'line she been dead long enough mos' six mont's countin' fo' weeks ter de mont'. An' as fur me, I done 'ranged ter have eve'ything did ter show respec's ter Numa." An', tell de trufe, Mis' Gladys, ef Numa was ter rise up f'om his grave, I'd sen' Pete a-flyin' so fast you could sen' eggs to market on his coat tail.

"There's some difference in the price of a hoss afore blueberryin' and after blueberryin', I can tell ye." "All the difference 'twixt black an' white. Wal, thar's mos' things I can do without, but when you find me without a hoss you'll find me done 'ith trouble altogether an' stretched out ca'm an' laid on the cooler."

"Well, suh, you know dat ole man Nelson, he allays tell me ev'yt'ing he know, an' ev'yt'ing he think he know, jass de same, suh. An' dat ole Nelse, he mos' 'sessful cull'd man in de worl' to crope roun' de house an' pick up de gossip an' git de 'fo' an' behine er what's goin' on.