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Oh, don’t let him murder me!” sobbed the lady. “Haf cheer, fairest; he shall not vile I am viz you! Gott in himmel, ze rascal! Parbleu und blood! Goddam! Vait till I catch him, hell and blitzen! Haf courage, dear!” “Oh dear, oh dear!” wailed the lady. “I shall never do it again!”

"Hallelujah!" said Ensign Sand cheerfully, with a meretricious air of hearing it for the first time. "Any more?" And a Norwegian sailor lurched shamefacedly upon his feet. He had a couple of inches of straggling yellow beard all round his face, and twirled a battered straw hat. "I haf to say only dis word. I goin' sdop by Jesus. Long time I subbose I sdop by Jesus. I subbose "

"As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be!" sings the choir, and Miss Rogers' clear voice lingers in the "Amen." As I walk the deck with the Baron that evening he tells me about his lovely sister, "Alvida," and about Peruvian customs. "My sister ees dthe most beautiful voman in Peru; she haf many suitors, but she ees nefer allow to see dthem except when dthe family air vidth her.

"Good! good!" grunted Ogla-Moga, as he put a block of beefsteak in his mouth without the formality of a fork. "He hass eaten all de vay from St. Louis to here, and he never seem to haf enough," said Mr. Michst, in awe, looking at Ogla-Moga very much as one might at the phenomenon of a menagerie. "Poor creatures! I've often heard that their supplies were sometimes cut off for months at a time.

Carey, the mate, talking to Mr. Bossermann, the assistant engineer. You know I don't like those men a bit." "None of us do," said Fred. "Didn't ve haf a quarrel mid both of dem," added Hans. "They were so in earnest that they did not notice me," continued Dora.

"I haf almost forgot that," she apologised as she nibbled her brioche, "Emma was so happy. But for the bothersome St. Michael there is no change. I saw it in what she calls her new den. She laughed to me and said, 'I cannot let him have it, you see, you would all say he married me for it."

Eppner was short and a little stooped, with a blue-black mustache, snapping blue-black eyes, and strong blue-black dots over his face where his beard struggled vainly against the devastating razor. Both were strongly marked with the shrewd, money-getting visage. I set forth my business. "You wand to gif a larch order?" said Bockstein, looking over my memoranda. "Do you haf references?"

My eye must have kindled at that, for he smiled at me. "You are like all Americans. They leave their own homes and make new governments, yess? Those men in Oregon haf made a new government for themselfs, and they tax those English traders to pay for a government which iss American!" I studied him now closely.

I vant to see him. "I walked into the office. The old man was looking at me over his specs as I went in. He grabbed me by the hand and said so loud you could hear him all over the house: 'Ah, Chim, dot vas tandy orter. How dit you do id mitoud cotting prices, Chim? You vas a motel for efery men we haf in der house. I did nod know we hat a salesman in der office.

He worked at it whenever he could catch a few minutes between the marches and the numerous details for guard, picket, fatigue and other duty. "Bein' a soljer aint quite what they crack it up to be when they're gittin' a fellow to enlist. It's mity rough, and you'd better believe it. You ought to be glad you're a gurl and don't haf to go. I wish't I was a gurl sometimes.

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